Sunday, July 28, 2019

The end of my summer break

I have been off of work since June 27th.  I go back to work tomorrow.  I'm going to work for just two days this week, but then I'm back to my regular three days a week next week.  I'm actually going to be working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this year.  When Monday is a holiday I'll go on Tuesday instead.  I can also always do a half day on Fridays if need be. 

Let's get to my totally thrilling last week of break.

My friend Melissa, who I met when she was my Clinical Fellowship supervisor, gave me this candle at the end of my fellowship.  It was in May 2005.  I only ever burn it in the summer (it was watermelon scent) so it took me 14 years to finish.  That happened last week on Wednesday the 24th. 

Bye bye watermelon candle!

All of the 4th of July stuff ready to be put away.  
On Thursday the 25th I met my friend Heather for brunch.  I took this to send to Michael because I knew he was going to be jealous of the delectable coffee choices.  

Look at this amazing cappuccino! 

Heather insisted on taking more than one picture to get different angles.  I love her! 

My dessert crepe.  
After brunch we went to see a re-release of the original Muppet Movie.  It's the 40th anniversary.  Just like it's almost the 40th anniversary of me!
I mostly stayed home and did stuff around the house on Friday the 26th.  I thought about going to see Rocketman, but the only theaters it's left in were really far.

There was a delightful sunset that night.  

Laura and I spent a few hours together on Saturday the 27th. We went to breakfast and went shopping.  And I didn't take a single picture!

I did get a pic of my delightful glass of wine that night.  
And finally, Michael had been so jealous of my cappuccino from Thursday that we went back to the same place for breakfast this morning.  The kids got hot chocolate, but they refused pictures. 

My dessert crepe once again. 
After breakfast, Michael and Spencer went to see Spiderman, and Elliott and I went to get his hair cut and to frozen yogurt.  
I finally packed away all of the 4th of July stuff this afternoon.  I re-did the Polish Pottery on the hutch after taking everything off.  I just moved a bowl and added a bowl. 

I also moved the t-rex salt and pepper shakers to the dining room table.  

I've still never actually added salt or pepper to them though.  

And finally, we did a "blue" taste test tonight.  Spencer got them correct.  Elliott did not.  

And with that, it's time for me to go back to work. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

A pool party and back to school

Jeremy and Annette came over for an afternoon pool party on Sunday the 22nd.  Spencer's ear hurt so he didn't swim.  He was our photographer though.

The shallow end was too shady, 

so we all swam over to the deep end. 

Spencer's ear still hurt on Monday the 22nd and I couldn't get him in to his pediatrician at all that day so I ended up taking him to his pulmonologist.  Hey!  It's still a doctor.  A pulmonologist can look in ears too. 

We were in a new room where we had never been before.  The kite room.  I loved the cover on the light. 
Spencer was diagnosed with an ear infection, so after the appointment I went to get his prescription medicine and got sidetracked at Maurice's.  I liked this dress, but it was too short.  I couldn't have worn it to work and without it being a work appropriate dress it was too expensive.  Now looking at this picture it doesn't seem too short, but it really was. 
I had to pick Nick and Raquel up at the airport that night.  This was waiting in the cell phone lot.  The sky looked like a storm was probably brewing, and it was because we got our first monsoon that night. 
First monsoon of the summer means it's time for the kids to go back to school!  We bought them new lunch boxes for this year because their old ones had had it after two years of use and abuse.

This is the "before".  We'll see how they fare. 
Their first day of 2nd and 6th grades was Tuesday the 23rd. I'm going to do a separate post with all of the first day pictures, but here's a sneak peek. 
Michael and I went on a day date while they were at school.  We went to breakfast and then to see the movie Stuber. 

We were right down the street from AJ's so after the movie we went for an iced tea and a little treat. 

I decided to get my 40th birthday cake from AJ's. 
That afternoon I decided to take down all of the 4th of July decorations. I took the outside wreath down from the front door and carried it inside.  As I set it down on the floor eggs just started crashing down all around me.  I was HORRIFIED.  I killed these baby birds.  


Once I figured out that eggs weren't just falling from the sky and that a bird must have built a nest on the wreath and left eggs in said nest, I started looking for it. It took me close to a minute to even find it.  I thought the nest would be on the wooden part and made out of wood. 

Nope.  This bird used soft cotton batting and built a nest inside the loop of a ribbon.  

This egg didn't completely crack open, but there was a fracture on it. Look how tiny! 
Our back-to-school tradition is to take the kids out to dinner the first day of school. We went to Cheddars.  
Spencer whispered to Michael to be grumpy right as I took the picture.  I guess this is Spencer's grumpy face.
Spencer thought they were doing it for one picture, but Michael kept it up for the second.  He might even be grumpier here.  

Finally.  Cooperation.  

Elliott and I nailed it in one shot. 

I would like to point out that I just blogged about things that happened on TUESDAY on THURSDAY.  I am a blogging champion. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The last full week of summer break

The kids and my parents were flying home from Florida on Monday, July 15th.  That day was my last child-free day. 

Maryellen and I had brunch.

I also went to Target to return this spray because the nozzle was missing from it. 
Both kids and I had appointments at the orthodontist on Tuesday the 16th.  Spencer got his phase 2 braces. 

We took Elliott's 7 year- 7 month pictures that evening. 

I had saved some science and outer space shows for Elliott to watch while he was gone.  He watched two of them on the 17th.  He was totally into them. 

Both kids refuse to drink Powerade because they claim it's awful.  They love Gatorade though.  I did a blind taste test with them on the 18th. 

Spencer identified them correctly. 

Elliott didn't.
We had Meet the Teacher that night.  Spencer has four 6th grade teachers, but I only took a picture with his homeroom teacher. 

Elliott has the same 2nd grade teacher as Spencer.  She's their first shared teacher. 
Friday was a busy day.  Spencer had an appointment at Phoenix Children's.  After it I dropped him off at a friend's house for afternoon swimming and Elliott went to our neighbor's house. 
Then my dad and I went to a White Coat Ceremony for a family friend that is starting medical school. 

All the medical students coming in. 

The keynote speaker was a doctor from Harvard.  She was fantastic. 

Levi is in the green shirt. 

He got his white coat and then his stethoscope. 

There was a little reception after. 

I considered taking these flowers.  I didn't. 

And finally, on Saturday morning Maryellen and I attended a memorial service for Brenda's sister.  I had never met Brenda's sister, but I wanted to be there for Brenda.  It was a beautiful service. 

Up next: a pool party and then back to school for the kids.