Thursday, October 30, 2014

The wedding!

You may remember, from the last post, that Spencer, Michael and I spent the night with Michael's aunt and uncle on Friday night.  We got up on Saturday, ate breakfast and then headed out.  We stopped at Fry's to pick up a bunch of flowers (that ended up being the wrong thing) for the aisles and at Subway for a big sandwich for the wedding party.  We couldn't check into our room until 4:00, but we needed to be ready for pictures at 3:00 so we ended up hanging out in Monica and Rick's house the whole day. 

Spencer watched cartoons in their wedding bed.

And I got ready with the girls.

Michael waited until the very, very, very last minute to get Spencer dressed.  There was an almost crisis with the tie.

Then it was time for pictures.
Monica and Rick had a friend of theirs (who is a professional photographer) take the pictures.  I can't wait to share some of those once they are ready.  For now, these are the less than professional ones.

I am not going to label each and every person and I also didn't crop any of them, because NOBODY has time to write or read or do all of that.  So, just scroll and enjoy.

This is Monica's cousin Siobhan.  She is awesome.  We got along so well.  We designated ourselves as the lazy bridesmaids.

Then, finally, finally, finally it was time for the ceremony.

Monica's grandparents

Rick's parents

Monica's mom and stepdad

Bridesmaids standing perfectly

Groomsmen standing, not so perfectly.

Here comes the bride!

And now, it's time to party!

We were outside taking all of the above pictures when Monica and Rick cut the cake so we missed it.  Luckily I was able to experience it through pictures uploaded to their wedding site.  Ah, technology.

Spencer insisted that he was NOT DANCING AT ALL.
Then we got him out there for one dance and he got the dance fever.  We couldn't drag him off the dance floor.

This was pretend sleeping.
And then, at 11:00, this was real sleeping.  He pushed 3 chairs together and just crashed.  He slept like that for an hour before Michael carried him to our room and put him to bed.

Then we went a few rooms away for the after party.  Where we stayed until, WAIT FOR IT, 3:30 in the morning.  I felt like dying when the alarm went off at 8:00 am on Sunday.

And just like that, it was all done.  It was such a fabulous wedding.  I'm so glad we were a part of it.