Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Easter day was a toasty one in Tucson.  We started with Easter baskets.  As always, there was a bathing suit in there.  This year it's a one piece body suit for each kid. 

The candy hunt was next.  We, I mean the Easter Bunny, didn't do plastic eggs this year.  Nobody noticed so bye-bye eggs it is. 

I took exactly one picture of each child. Amazing!

The centerpiece on the island. 
We went outside for our family picture.  In scouting a location I thought I would show the lovely purple cactus in my parent's backyard. 

Official 2019

Elliott claimed this outfit was ruining his life. 

Ready for appetizers.

Ready for dinner.

Ready for dessert.

Oh, and ready for drinks. 

The food!

I was lacking on the people shots this year. 

And then it was time to drive home with an extra (approximately) 25 pounds of chocolate.  

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Easter Saturday

We spent Easter weekend in Tucson.

Saturday started with a little egg dyeing. Egg dyeing in underwear.

Then my mom and the kids did their annual bunny cake.  And when I say my mom and the kids I really mean me.  I did the whole thing.

I took the official picture before remembering I wanted to add some decorations to the grass. 

Much better. 

My dad photobombed.

A five year comparison!

The table set up for the next day. 

My dad's afternoon nap. 
My mom and I went to Cost Plus that afternoon and bought these adorable egg cups.  I bought one pig and she bought the rest. I'm leaving the pig out year round. 

The baskets ready for the next day. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Easter was so late this year!  It felt like it was never going to happen. Did I take pictures of the Easter decor before today though?  The answer is no.  That post will be up soon, but first, a quick review of last week. 

On Sunday the 14th I went to Lauren's house for our April Sisterhood get together.  Lauren put together a game of Kahoot for us with trivia questions about all of us.  

I somehow pulled out a first place win!
And in continuing the theme of me being on top of things, that evening I did my nails and took pictures right away.  This manicure actually lasted a full 8 days and I could have gone even longer. 

On Tuesday the 16th I parked next to this car when I went to Pier One.  My brother Nick used "yaya" for "cat" when he was a toddler, so I had to take a picture.  He had a stuffed yaya that he slept with for years. 

Elliott's 7 year 4 month pictures.  We took this one across the street. 

His official one was in our neighbor's yard.  That's our garage door in the background. 
With the news of the fire at Notre Dame in Paris last week I wrote this Facebook post with the following pictures on Wednesday. 

Michael and I got married on December 29, 2001. We spent our honeymoon in England, France, and Italy from January 1st to the 14th. This is a fantastic (and fantastically cold) time to visit Europe because nobody else is. There were, maybe, five other people in the room with us to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. It was also lovely because all of the churches still had their Christmas decorations displayed. The devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday has been heavy on my heart, so I wanted to share the pictures I took of their beautiful nativity from 2001. We also bought some art prints from a street artist outside of Notre Dame and had them framed. They are one of my favorite souvenirs from our honeymoon.

The pictures hang in our dining room.  I really do still love them. 
I bought a set of four Easter wine glasses on Thursday.  I gave two as a gift.  These two.  You'll see the two I kept when I post the Easter decor. 
Someone, who I still haven't figured out, left this Easter bucket for us on Friday.  How awesome is that?

Look at all of this loot!

And finally, we drove to Tucson on Friday.  There was a pretty little sunset on the way.