Friday, April 12, 2019

Finishing out March

Laura spent the night with us on Friday the 22nd because she was going to the Garth Brooks concert in Phoenix on the 23rd.

We had been talking about the strength of her glasses prescription vs Michael's prescription and they swapped glasses to compare.  It turns out they have similar prescriptions because they barely noticed a  difference.  I made them take a picture in swapped glasses. 

And back to their own. 
My manicure on March 23rd.  Once again I took the picture the day I was taking it off, so it's all chipped. 

March 25th.  Finally the last day of spring break. 

Elliott had a nice shiner for his return to school. He lost a battle with his headboard. 

Some online shopping purchases were delivered on the 25th too. 

New jammies I bought for Elliott on the 26th.  Sloths are my new favorite. 

Buy one get one half off sandals on the 26th.

I was at Sprouts that day and bought these sunflowers.  They looked so cheerful with the yellow lemons on the tablecloth. 

I was so pleased and happy with the sunflowers, and then look what was delivered during dinner.  This gorgeous bouquet from my friend Sarah in Las Vegas.  Isn't she just the sweetest?

I took pictures from multiple angles. 
March 28th was my last day at work for the month so I took a picture of the calendar for March because I promised I would show you every month. 

New dress from Amazon that day. 
Both kids were supposed to get palate expanders on March 27th, but Elliott's didn't fit, so I had to take him back on the 29th. 

He handled the whole thing remarkably well. 

And that's it for March.  I feel like I did well with this little catch up! We're into April and it's still April. 

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