Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A busy, crazy weekend.

  To be clear, I'm counting Friday as part of the weekend.  It had a weekend vibe.

On Friday morning Megan and I took all six kids to the movies to see Lego Batman. There was a lot of confusion with theaters and where we should go (all the fault of the theater employees telling a whole bunch of people the wrong theater to go to) but we finally got it settled and enjoyed the show. 
Elliott and I went to Target that afternoon.  I bought this shirt from the little girl's section.  It's an XL and yes, I intend to wear it myself. 
On Friday night the sisterhood was invited to Joni's house to see it for the first time and have dinner. My kids decided to stay home because they had just been there and they needed a little kid free time.  I can't say I was sad to go without them. 

All pictures compliments of Lauren. 

On Saturday Spencer and I left the house at 6:20 to go to his swim meet.  I volunteered as a timer for the entire meet. 

Spencer was in my lane for breast stroke. 

Michael came for the second half and got to see Spencer swim butterfly and freestyle.  He took these pictures. 

After the swim meet we rushed home, ate breakfast, showered and immediately left to attend Hollis's birthday party.  It was originally scheduled to be at our house, but we didn't think that was a great idea to have twenty people over with a busted AC, so Megan moved it to Peter Piper Pizza. 

The birthday girl. 

The slow eaters, Elliott and Hollis. 

Spencer and I did this virtual reality "ride" a bunch of times. 

Megan used our wrapping paper for the presents.  I bought this paper for Elliott's 5th birthday, and then never used it for anything, so I'm glad it was finally utilized. 

Fake sleeping. 
The little girl with the blonde pony tail is named Natalie.  She was not impressed at all when I told her I had the same name.  The waitress assigned to our party was also Natalie.  It was like a Natalie convention. 

I knew the theme of the party was rainbow.  I wore the rainbow shirt on purpose.  I did not know just how well I would match the party supplies. 

I mean, come on!  This deserves an award. 

Not quite like a trip to Disneyland, but still fun. 

We were looking forward to a relaxing evening at home after the party.  Some of us got it.  Megan and Hadley did not.  They ended up at urgent care dealing with Hadley having strep. 

Elliott got a relaxing shower though.  He wanted to test out the twisted towel on the head look. 

Sunday was Hollis's real birthday.  We took this picture. 

To compare to this picture the day she was born. 

2013 to 2017
Megan, Scott, Hadley and Hollis left around noonish on Sunday to head home to California.  After they left Michael took pictures of our gazebos.  And then, it the awful afternoon heat, took them down for good.  We just can't keep spending $240 every less than two years to replace the sun shades. 

Bye bye gazebos.  You were nice and shady when you weren't being ripped to shreds by sun and wind. 

While Michael was working on that project I worked on giving myself a jamicure/manicure. 

Then I put on my shoes. 

And my shirt.  And Michael didn't have a shirt to wear, but we went to see Wonder Woman. 

I practiced a selfie while he was in the bathroom, but it was just too dark to work. 

This is highly lightened. 
And then, finally, the craziness was over.  Well, except the AC was still broken.  

There is good news though.  I'm pretty much caught up in the blogging timeline.  It's Wednesday the 28th and I've blogged through Sunday the 25th.  That's not too shabby. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A busy, crazy week

Megan and her kids arrived at our house on Friday the 16th and except for one night during the week, they stayed with us until Sunday the 25th.  That was crazy enough (in the absolute best way possible), without even considering the heat wave that hit last week with high temperatures around 120 degrees.   But then our front AC unit broke so we had all these people in the house and only one working AC unit.  It's been an insane week. 

On Monday the 19th Megan and I took my kids, her kids and her cousin's kids to a dine-in theater for lunch and a movie.  We saw Cars 3.   I took Spencer to a dermatology appointment at Phoenix Children's Hospital that morning, so Megan was responsible for five children until we met them there. 
The temperature on the way home after the movie got up to 123 degrees.  This was the afternoon we noticed the AC at home wasn't working.  It's working, but there is a leak so it's not working well or efficiently. 

Kids watching TV before bed. 

I also forgot to show you Spencer's first lost molar from the Father's Day post. 

I didn't even take a picture until the next day.  The adult tooth is almost all the way in now. 
I worked on Tuesday the 27th.  It was 125 degrees when I left work.  I'm almost 100% positive that is the hottest I have ever seen the thermometer in my car. 
That evening Michael took the kids to Joni's house to spend the night, he stayed home to wait for the AC people to come (they said 5:00 pm, they arrived around 7:30 pm), and I went to a pediatric liver disease class at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

I had hurt the bottom of my foot (a skin tear) the day before and I laughed at myself during the class because my foot was all bandaged up. 
I thought about asking one of the world renowned pediatric hepatologists to make my boo boo better.   I didn't.  I did talk to the new head of the liver transplant program and a geneticist though (they both did presentations) and they both agreed it would be good for Elliott to come back in because of his low ferritin levels. 
I had to work on Wednesday the 21st. I had not been planning on working Wednesday, but my caseload was so out of control this summer I needed to add two extra days to my schedule.  This was the temperature when I got to work at 7:50 am. 

I fixed the paint crisis in my office that day. 
The kids had spent the night at Joni's on Tuesday night so she could watch them all day while I was at work and so I didn't have to wake them up at 6:00 am and drive them there before going to work. 

The kids had a blast feeding the tortoise Dozer. 
Then they went to one of those indoor fun places on Wednesday with bowling and climbing and laser tag.  She texted me all of these pictures. 

Megan had taken her kids to go see a friend in Scottsdale overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, but they came back Wednesday afternoon.  Hadley and I were twins in our nightgowns. 
On Thursday the 22nd Elliott went to daycare, I went to work and brave Megan took her kids, Spencer, and her cousin's kids, Faith and Noah, to the aquarium.  I was just a bit jealous. 

These could totally all be Megan's kids.  

They went for ice cream after the aquarium. 

Faith and Noah came back to our house that evening to eat dinner and spend the night. 
We let the kids go in the pool after it was dark.  We wanted action shots of them jumping in the pool.  You can't tell but each kid took a turn in the middle on the diving board. 

Noah and Hadley slept on the mattress from the pull out couch on the floor in Elliott's room that night.  Michael and I were in our room, Spencer was in his room, Megan was in the guest bed, Faith was on a twin mattress on the floor in the guest room and Hollis was on a blow up mattress on the floor in the guest room. 
And shockingly, everybody slept all night.  Well, except for a little cat fight between Hollis and Hadley when Hadley went in to sleep with her mom around 1:00 am.  But Megan handled it (there was some threatening that Megan and Hollis would have to go in the car and leave and drive somewhere if Hollis didn't settle down) and nobody else woke up.  

Up next: the busy and crazy week extends into the weekend.