Thursday, June 1, 2017

Elliott's last day of school

Elliott and I drove to Phoenix and had breakfast with Michael after Spencer left for school on Friday. On our way back home we stopped at Walmart for sandwich bags and milk.

And Wonder Woman flip flops, of course.
And totally out of sequence to what I just said, here are his last day of school pictures.  We actually took them before we left for breakfast. Once again I'll have the last day picture followed by the first day/last day collage. 

Scroll at your leisure. 



I took the school picture when I dropped him of for his last preschool class. 

Then I went back home for an hour and then came back for a little end of the year celebration. 

The kids sang a song and then they all got a certificate. 

And then we decorated sugar cookies for snack time. 

My cookie took me 40 seconds to decorate.  And when I was done I took a picture for blogging purposes.  And then I ate it.  The people at the table with us decorated their cookies, I am NOT joking, for 10 minutes.  Then they took 25 pictures from different angles and then right there at the table instaggramed and facebooked the pictures.  I wish I was joking. This was canned frosting and grocery store cookies in a preschool classroom.  I'm almost taking it too far including it in this post.  Oh, I forgot to mention that they took a bite and then took more pictures.  And then one of them tried to cut the cookie with a plastic knife and the knife skidded and stabbed her in the hand and got frosting all over her looooooong nails and I laughed a little bit out loud. 

Elliott's masterpiece

What am I even going to do with no more preschool.  We spent four years with this teacher!

After we got home we took Elliott's class of 2030 t-shirt picture.  Once he's in kindergarten I'm actually going to start printing all of these pictures and putting them in photo albums.  

It'll be nice to do it before I have 13 years worth to do.  

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