Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Hello, hello, hello!  I am finally back to the blogosphere.  I am sorry about my extended and not planned blog break.  First we went on vacation to Mexico, then I was really sick, then I worked for a few days and then the kids and I went on vacation again in Northern Arizona.  So now I find myself two and a half weeks behind in the timeline and totally overwhelmed by all that needs to be discussed.

I made a blog schedule for myself and if I can stick to it I should be caught up by......wait for it......June 26th.  Eek.  That is awful!  

So, here we go!

The last posts I wrote were about the last day of school for the kids.  That was Friday, May 26th.  

On Saturday the 27th the bean plant that had previously been doing so well just up and died. I have no idea what happened.  It just, died. 
We spent the day doing laundry and packing.  We also discovered another huge trash pile under Spencer's bed.  We made him deal with it. 

Ginger was suspicious of all the bags that kept appearing in the hallway, dining room and kitchen. 

Elliott thought he was so cute posing upside down. 
We finally got loaded up and left our house around 4:00.  We drove to my parent's house.  We arrived in just enough time for dinner and margaritas.  My dad used an actual salt shaker to salt the rim of my uncle's glass.  Classy.  Authentic. 

On Sunday the 28th my dad and I went to the liquor store (for booze), Penzey's (for whole nutmeg) and the grocery store (for eggs, sugar, milk, cream and half and half).  And then I made two double batches of eggnog.  It's going to age for seven months until Christmas. 

The first double batch has all the dairy already added. 

The second double batch has everything but the dairy.  We'll add it on Christmas Eve. 

Both jugs went to Nick's house to age in his refrigerator.  We'll add the dairy to the dairyless one on Christmas Eve and then we're going to have a taste-off.  Everyone will try both and vote for their favorite.  It's going to be awesome!   

A lizard in my parent's garage that day. 
On Sunday afternoon we went to a party at Josh and Laura's house.  There were like 30 people there and about 750 pounds of food and we had a blast. 

And THIS is all I took pictures of: 

cones that Laura hand-dipped. 
Laura scooping homemade ice cream.  She worked at Baskin Robbins in high school and I told her this was a very familiar image to me. 

A selfie before we left to head back to my parent's house. 
On Monday the 29th we started an epic trip to Rocky Point in Mexico. 

John and Maryellen joined Joni, Blaine, Oriana and Carson and drove together from the valley.  They took this selfie. 

We left Tucson at the same time and took this selfie to show them we were coming for them. 
Both cars arrived in Why, Arizona within about 45 seconds of each other. 

We got some lunch before crossing the boarder over into Mexico. 

There was no wait whatsoever to go TO Mexico. 
The same could not be said for people leaving Mexico.  There was an hours and hours and hours wait for those people.  We drove by the line for a good 15 minutes before we got to the end. 
The house we rented for the week was about an hour's drive from the border. And right by the beach.  We got there around 3:00 pm.
The kids had a great time chasing each other all around.  There were three levels of decks (bottom level, top level, rooftop) and stairs inside and outside.  They ran and chased each other for over an hour while adults unloaded and unpacked. 

After we were all settled we loaded up and went to the Sam's Club in Rocky Point.  Nobody took any pictures there, but it looked exactly like any Sam's club except everything was in Spanish and the prices were listed in pesos.  

Joni and Blaine made dinner that night.  We ate on the upstairs deck and enjoyed the ocean breezes. 

After dinner we took a walk on the beach. 

And then it was time for kids to go to bed.  

The first whole day of Rocky Point, which was also Michael's 40th birthday, is on the agenda for tomorrow. 

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