Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Finally not on vacation

I was so tired when we got home from Flagstaff that I took the advice of the bears at Bearizona and hibernated for two days.   I took no pictures on Saturday June 10th, even though we went to a fun lunch in Flagstaff before driving home. 

This is the only picture I took on Sunday the 11th.  Ginger was playing video games?
On Monday the 12th we went to a pool party for the Sisterhood at Brenda's house.  Joni brought Oriana and Carson, but Shireen left her kids at home. 

Last year when we had this same get-together at Brenda's in June all of the ladies swam. This year, even though all of us except Shireen were in swim suits, the only adult who swam was Brenda. 

The kids swam, we had a potluck lunch, the kids swam, we chatted, the kids swam and then Elliott came limping over to me with bleeding toes. 
They had been rubbed raw in the pool and on the deck.  That put an end to his swimming.

Side note: bloody toe pictures compliments of Lauren. 

Spencer took our official group picture. 
When we got home that day Elliott had a package in the mail.  My friend Marva's husband, Jim, made Elliott some Dillard's memorabilia and mailed it to him.  Jim used to be a big-time executive for Dillard's before he retired and when we stayed with them in October in Dallas we were telling them how obsessed Elliott was with Dillard's.

He was tickled and so proud. 

It does have his last name.  Edited for internet security. 

I worked on Tuesday the 13th.  Spencer had swim team pictures that afternoon. 
I think this one I took after swim team is probably better than anything a photographer can take of him in the water. 

Same with Ginger, who looks like she is being sucked into a black hole. 
Spencer's friend Julian spent the whole day with us on Wednesday the 14th.  This is Ginger looking at me and asking, "why are they so loud"?

I took all of the boys out to lunch that day. Everybody thought I had three sons.

Wednesday also happened to be Flag Day.  June 14th is always Flag Day.  Every year.  It's like Christmas, the date never changes.

We were dressed appropriately. 

Michael came home from work.  He was not dressed appropriately. 

I think I will buy him these suits so he can wear the right thing at the right time without much thought. 
We got our monthly issue of The Catholic Sun in the mail that day.  The cover story was about the ordination.  So far I have not located myself or my dad in the background of any of the thousands of pictures I've seen. 
I also got a card ready to mail to my dad.  On the inside I wrote, "I'm not sure where you went wrong with your sons". 
I worked on Thursday the 14th.  I walked into my office to discover they moved two filing cabinets that were full of special education files.  Doing so revealed the wall that had never been painted behind the cabinets.  Fantastic.  This will be fun to cover. 
The kids and I joined a summer movie club at the movie theater this summer.  It's ten movies for $7 total.  How amazing is that?  We missed the first two weeks because we were in Mexico and Flagstaff.  The first one we went to was on Friday, June 16th.  It was Sing, which is funny because we've only seen it like 25 times. 

After the movies we did a big shopping trip at Target.  We bought Cars and Cars 2 (and a Cars 2 as a gift) in preparation for seeing Cars 3.   Poor second child Elliott has never seen either movie.
After that we set up and took the annual D-A-D pictures for Father's Day.  I'll be doing a separate post about those. 

And we stuck Elliott's five and a half picture in there too. 

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Cat said...

I'm a little disturbed by that wall. Who did the painting? Or maybe I should say who did NoT do the painting?