Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Portraits

I have been so preoccupied with moving that I kind of forgot that I wanted to have holiday pictures taken of the kids.  Nothing fancy, just a nice pose of them in their T-Rex Santa shirts.
I called on Saturday to see if I could make an appointment for that day (ha!) or the next.  I was pretty shocked that we even got in on Sunday.
We started out strong.  The very first picture is a gem.
Then we had a couple "not so wonderful, but not terrible either" pictures.

This was a nice treat.
The individaul pictures came out lovely.

A quick costume and background change and then, well, things went a bit downhill.  Not fall off a cliff, crash and burn, but definitely not the best we've ever seen.
Really Elliott?  Really?

OK.  This one is fun and festive.

Good Lord. 

In the end I was pleased with what we got.  There's no way I'd ever have time to go back again especially because we'll have to find time to get Elliott back between his 1st birthday and Christmas for his 1 year pictures.  
At the rate things are going in this house, these framed pictures might be the only Christmas decorations we have.

Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Week Catch-Up

I did not intend to be gone from blogging for this long.  Our internet was hooked up almost 2 weeks  ago, but there were major problems with it and it has not been working consistently until today.  It would literally be working one minute and then not working the next, back to working.  Not exactly conducive to online activities.  I want to do a major catch-up post so that I can just move forward from today.
So basically, moving with a baby sucks.  Moving always sucks, but I just feel so trapped because I can get so little done during the day right now.  When we moved 3 years ago Spencer was almost 2.  I had our entire house done in 10 days.  We've already been here in the new house for 2 weeks but we just barely (yesterday) finished clearing out the old place.  I'm headed over there now to clean.  And we are no where close to being set up here.  Sigh.
Here's what the last 2 weeks have looked like.
Saturday, November 10th. 
We watched my cousin's 18 month old baby, Xander, overnight so his parents could attend a wedding.  They live in New Hampshire.  It was the first time Xander had been left over night and it was the first time we had ever met him.  It went pretty smoothly actually.
Saturday, November 10th
As soon as Xander left it was moving day.
Monday, November 12th

The family room

The pantry (I just finished it on Saturday)

The living room 
Tuesday, November 13th

This was the night that I finally went to sleep around 5 am after Elliott kept me up all night.  I found Ginger sleeping on a blanket on a box around 2 am. 

I pulled the blanket off the box and she went back to sleep on it.  There were 3 dog beds in the vicinity.
Wednesday, November 14th

Our first fire.

We bought extra large marshmallows for the occassion.

 Thursday, November 15th

The guest room.

And a cute baby in the guest room.
Sunday, November 18th

My parents had spent the night on Saturday.  My mom got up early and went to breakfast with a friend.  Ginger climbed into her suitcase and took a nap.  Again, there were several dog beds around the house.

She doesn't even look comfortable. 
Sunday, November 18th

My dad installed a chandelier in the kitchen and another one in the dining room.  He took a break on the top of a 12 foot ladder. 

On that same day, we finally got our new bed put together. (I ordered drapes today.  Thank you cyber Monday sales).
Thursday, November 22nd


People in my family claim that this is a grasshopper.  I think it is a locust and that it is a sign of the end of times. 

Our 2012 Thanksgiving family picture.

My aunt just had surgery on her knee and was too disabled and in too much pain to come.  She sent my uncle with specific instructions for making a wedge salad.  It was just so funny seeing my uncle amongst so much lettuce.

He totally messed up (i.e. didn't do) the crumbling of the bacon.  We plan on reminding him of his failure until next year.
I try to take a picture of my dad carving the turkey every year.  His hair is looking a bit more silver this year. 

Elliott somehow ate an entire piece of pumpkin pie.  There goes the "no whole eggs until age 1" rule.

My sister-in-law Kendra (who finished doing her 2nd Ironman 4 days prior) and my brother Nathan.

My mom and Lois
Saturday, November 24th

We finished the dining room!!!!!

Saturday, November 24th

Elliott got his 2nd haircut.  He screamed and cried the entire time.

That's it!  That's the catch-up.

I do want to mention, just in case anyone remembered and was wondering, that we had an appointment with Dr. Miloh the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Elliott's GGT was finally, finally, finally in the normal range.  But his ALT was elevated now.  We have to have another blood draw and appointment in 6 more months.  We were disappointed, but not really worried (because Dr. Miloh is not worried).