Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ginger's Fall Collection

It has become increasingly hard to find cute clothes for Spencer. I go to Carter's and find a million outfits for the male newborn-24 month crowd. I find another million outfits for girls, even in the 2t and above range. But stuff for Spencer for right now? Not so much. My 2t on the bottom and 3t on the top son is not going to be wearing a shirt that says "dude" or has a skull and crossbones on it or depicts a skateboarder doing some fancy move.

And then at the mall today.... suddenly, the heavens parted and light shone upon us.
Ta Da! Couldn't you just die?

There's more in the line too. Buying each piece would cost upwards of $150. I'm tempted to do it and say, "to hell with money. It's just money".

Monday, September 27, 2010


Spencer turns to us during dinner and says, "I need to paint". It was soulful. It was coming from deep within his spirit. He needed to paint as much as he needed food and oxygen. What's a parent to do? We broke out the easel, brushes and washable paints of course.

He painted in Elmo underwear, as all classically trained artists do. It was intense.
He was also pretty into the body art yesterday.

P.S. When I thought of a title for this post, Renoir was the 1st artist that came to mind. What does that say about me?

P.P.S. Check out my new widget tickers on the side. I love a good countdown.

P.P.P.S. Spencer slept in his room again last night (until 5:20 when he joined me after Michael got up for work). He napped in his room today too. Wow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 years 20 days

It's a good thing I went ahead and cancelled the portrait studio appointment for today. This is Spencer as of 5 minutes ago. Not a good look for 3-year pictures. To answer your questions (Chelsea and Karen)- Michael was sitting on the couch. Spencer tackled him. An elbow was involved. Spencer will say that Daddy's elbow hit him in the eye- it's more like Spencer's eye hit Daddy's elbow. It wasn't pretty.

Something amazing happened yesterday. Amazing. Blog-worthy. Spectacular. We were getting Spencer ready for his nap. He said he wanted to sleep in his own room. Spencer has never slept in his own room. For 3 years and 20 days, actually, he has slept in our room. It was really, really hard to have him sleep on my chest for 10 months. We were quite annoyed by the 8 months (after we got him off my chest) that he slept in our bed on my left arm. But since he's been in his own bed it really hasn't mattered that he's been in our room. Really. It's hard for some people to believe, but we're really not bugged by it.

So anyway. He said he wanted to sleep in his own room. We said sure. Then we made spagetti for dinner. Some of the noodles ended up on Spencer's head.And then! Bedtime! Spencer pretended to sleep for the photo op.Then I snuck in, around 11 pm, for the real sleeping photo op.This lasted until 4:45 am when he "woke up" whining. Then whining turned to crying. Of course I rushed in. He was completely asleep but was still crying. He only stopped when I touched him. So, from 5:00 on this is how we slept (yes, we have matching sleep t-shirts) (yes, I am faking sleep here but Spencer was genuinely asleep).After we woke up (at 9:45!!) Spencer said he wanted to sleep in our room tonight. My mom has a great theory that if you let kids be just as clingy as they need to be and don't force them to do anything they're not ready for they will grow up to be trusting and independent. Of course you encourage and guide, but forcing is not the same. Until I was about 18 I thought my mom was pretty much wrong about anything and everything. Now, age 31, I think my mom is pretty brilliant and right about a number of things. At one point my mom and dad had Nathan on a mattress on one side of their bed, me on a mattress on the other side of their bed and Nick in between them in bed. We were all in our own rooms by kindergarten and I think we grew up to be pretty normal, functioning, independent people. Michael and I are just going to continue letting Spencer pace himself and know that someday he'll sleep in his own room. And until then, he's actually pretty darn cuddly.

8:30 PM Update- Spencer went to bed in his own room. It was a very last minute decision on his part. You could almost see him debating it in his mind. It's the beginning of some very mature thinking on his part.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great. Just great.

I'm just so glad that I rescheduled Spencer's 3-year-old pictures because of the scratch on his nose. He's going to look oh so much better with this shiner.

Yep. Nice. Let's replace the tiny nick on his nose with this huge bruise. Lovely.

Pictures are in 56 hours. I just can't win.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Weekend

I love blogging about the previous weekend when it is almost Wednesday. My weekend starts at 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon so it's only appropriate. That sentence makes little to no sense, but I'm not going to change it because, well, I'm lazy.

Three weekends ago we were in Pinetop. Two weekends ago I went to a funeral on Friday night, drove to Tucson for a bridal shower on Saturday, came right back and had Spencer's birthday party on Sunday. We were really looking forward to a relaxing, stay at home weekend for a change. Didn't really happen.

On Friday night we went to a birthday party at Kathy's house. (She is our friend Brendan's sister) Spencer delighted in eating this cupcake cone. We also found ourselves quite the little mother's helper in Miss Brittany. We just sat around all night eating and drinking and being merry and let Brittany chase Spencer. It was a win-win-win.

Let's critique this shot. I have fat face and am way too booby. Brendan has a head growing out of his shoulder. Spencer isn't looking. Great pic.The non-looking kid is gone, the extra head is gone, the boobs are gone. Fat face, sadly, remains.After Spencer went to bed at 11:30 pm (yes, we are those parents) we all enjoyed a nice sleeping in, lounging morning. Then we went to brunch/lunch at Megan's house. Spencer and Michael went swimming while I demonstrated my amazing ability to get food in and out of an oven that has a door that doesn't open all the way. It was dangerously thrilling.

Sorry. No pictures. It's that lazy thing again- I didn't take any.

After brunch/lunch/swimming/mad oven door skills we went and met about 87 people for frozen yogurt and splash pad time. A bunch of ladies I used to work with (and people they worked with after I left) are getting together for monthly meetings of fun and gossip. This was the meeting for September. Families were included this time. I'm hosting pumpkin carving for October. Again, my apologies to Lauren for stealing your planning.

We were supposed to take Spencer in for his 3 year old pictures on Sunday morning. He scratched his nose on Friday and then scratched it again on Saturday so I decided to scrap the whole thing and make him wear padded gloves for the next week.
I'm glad I rescheduled, because I would have been annoyed by these scabs for the rest of my life if they ended up in his pictures. As I write that I think it's funny to think about my almost-93 year old grandmother being annoyed by something on my dad's face 60-something years ago.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thanksgiving and Peanut Butter (cake and jelly)

Whoa. What the hell kind of title is that? Just wait for it- it will all make sense soon. I promise.

My cousin Taylor is an international traveller. She did an exchange program in Scotland during high school and an exchange program in Hungary during college. She recently moved to Scotland to attend graduate school at the University of Edinburgh. Taylor loves Thanksgiving, but has missed quite a few of them in the last couple of years because of her international schooling. She asked my Aunt Jan and Uncle John (the Thanksgiving gurus/hosts in our family) to hold an early Thanksgiving before she shipped off to the land of haggis.

There's Taylor with her dad and my dad.

We held this wacky, only-in-my-family-could-this-happen-event at the end of August. We had far fewer family members than the normal Thanksgiving, but darn it if it didn't feel like a real Thanksgiving day. We decided that it was a pretty good dress rehearsal for the real thing and took notes on what could make the November Thanksgiving smoother and more delicious.

How could it not feel like Thanksgiving with these golden beauties?I even got the typical "my dad carving the turkey" shot.Nick and Taylor are the most international of all my family members. They are both, in fact, out of the country while I write this. Taylor is in her flat in Edinburgh (recovering from a ferret bite to her face) and Nick is on his ship in route to the Dominican Republic. I am in route to work tomorrow and not living in a flat, which makes me the most boring cousin in this picture. My Aunt Jan even set the table like Thanksgiving.OK. On to the peanut butter part of this post. My contribution to the dress rehearsal Thanksgiving was dessert. I was originally going to make a pumpkin cheesecake, but we're living through the great pumpkin shortage of 2010 (google it- I'm serious. It's a real thing) so I had to rethink my plans.

I brought a platter of chocolate dipped delights, a caramel apple cheesecake, and a chocolate peanut butter cake.
Look at this bad boy. Although Spencer has never developed any food allergies, he does have other allergies, eczema and asthma, so we've been pretty serious about the recommended schedule and age for introducing highly allergenic foods. This was one week before his 3rd birthday, so we thought it was close enough for his 1st intro to peanut butter.

He devoured that cake.Then we kind of forgot to give him his second dose of peanut butter. (When food allergies develop they happen on subsequent exposures to a food. The second time you eat something you have an allergy to, you will react. The third time will be even worse, etc, etc.). So, last week I gave Spencer a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. He kind of loved it.And no hives. No itching. No runny nose. No watery eyes. He's had more peanut butter since then with no reaction. I think we're safe. Phew! One less thing to worry about. Now I just have to sneak some shrimp/lobster/crab into something he's eating to make sure he's not allergic to shellfish. We'll deal with clams, oysters and mussels later- like in the oyster stuffing that will be at the REAL, non dress rehearsal Thanksgiving.

Are you so impressed that I pulled both topics back together again in the end?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party!

We came home from Vermont on July 9th. On July 10th I made my very first planning list about Spencer's birthday party. 841 lists, 57 phone calls to Megan, 26 late nights and 16 shopping trips later, we threw one hell of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party.

Pete provided the kid party favors

They also made a nice decorationFriends and family gathered and had a good time (I hope they're not all lying)

Sara's dad ("crazy uncle Josh") did some funny things with the balls from the ball pit
Ladies chatted
Boys played
Ginger made friends
Families posed

Chelsea looked like a supermodel
People ate

Baby Jacob discovered his lifelong love for books
Megan and Hadley were gorgeous
Lois held a baby
FLASHBACK from Spencer's 1st birthday circa 2008- when Lois held another baby.
I'm going to start calling her the Baby Holder.
Scott joined his lovely ladies
My dad was a boozer
Spencer continued his traditon of refusing to look at the camera
People moseyed about
Presents were opened
Families dressed alike
(Chelsea made this shocking revelation 2 hours into the party. I'm allowed to tease you Chels- I referred to you as a supermodel about 45 seconds ago)
Different generations mingled
Cake was labored over
A duck pond was created to cover a dent in the cake
Minnie drank too much and needed a cane to stay upright
Happy birthday was sung
Candles were blown
3 year olds were happy
Adult party favors were not forgotten
Although I forgot to take an individual picture of Mickey Oreo
People oohed and aahed
The largest difference in age was determined to be 92.5 years
I was happy the party was over
We went to the Disney Store to buy our matching Mickey Mouse shirts about 2 weeks ago. We were pretty excited about the whole matching shirt thing. The cashier asked us if we were buying the shirts to go to Disneyland together. We were no longer excited. We were quite depressed that, in fact, we were not buying the shirts to go to Disneyland.

The party was awesome though. Not as awesome as when you go down that first dip into Pirates of the Caribbean and definitely not as awesome as when you get into the graveyard in the Haunted Mansion and you get to rock out to Grim Grinning Ghosts. But still- awesome.

Thanks to all of you- you know who you are- for making it a great day.