Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thank you for being a friend

My Sisterhood group has a running document where we plan and keep track of our monthly get-togethers. Back in the spring time, maybe about April, I decided to host a Golden Girl's Appreciation Party.

The big day was Saturday, November 18th.  You would think that with all those months between idea and party I would have gotten an early start, but, no.  I started doing some planning on Thursday.  Like, 48 hours ahead of time. 

Luckily I have all of the supplies I need to throw a party.  I just printed some Golden Girls pictures, bought food and fresh flowers and we were good to go!

The picture I added to the frame is still there.  I think I will never take it down. 

We ate outside on the lanai.  Of course. 

Selfie, to show off my curls. 

Maryellen came as Blanche (posing with Blanche). 

I was Rose (posing with Rose).

Brenda was Dorothy (posing with Dorothy. See a theme here?).

Shireen was Rose.

Lauren was Sophia. 

Joni was Blanche. 
I somehow didn't get a picture of Cynthia with Blanche, but she was also Blanche.  Boy was she ever Blanche.    

Individual Pictures

This was my motivation for my outfit. 

And this was Cynthia's motivation.

After all of the pictures it was time for an Italian Feast inspired by Sophia and her stories of Sicily.

My dinner.

Elliott took a group picture of us. 

We had a lovely dinner and then it somehow became a thing for all of us to try on Maryellen's wig. 

Joni was straight up Princess Diana. 

Cynthia and Maryellen had the same wig, so she just kept hers on. 

We played Golden Girls Trivia during dinner and had cheesecake for dessert (of course), but there are no pictures of any of that.  Oops.  

It was a fantastic party and I totally think we should do it again once every three-ish years. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Patch testing and my school pictures

Friends.  We're going to cram an entire week (Monday to Friday) in to this post.  It's all part of the schedule.  And we must adhere to the schedule!

On Monday the 13th Spencer and I drove up to the Mayo Clinic to start his patch testing. 

This was right next to where we were waiting.  Doesn't it look like it's fake?  It's like an artist drew the architects plans but it's not built yet. 

The actual patches full of allergens. 

Being applied

Before taping

After taping

Elliott's band-aid came off on Tuesday the 14th.  The incision is longer than I expected. 

The clouds were crazy cool that day.  This is at work.

I had been collecting these little food kits from the Dollar Spot at Target.  I brought all of them to work to use in therapy sessions. 
On Wednesday the 15th I brought my space heater back to work.  I didn't have to use it at all last year because I was in a different office.  But, 64 degrees inside is just too cold for me.  The kids don't like it either. 
I got my school pictures that day.  This is honestly what they look like.  I don't understand it at all.  Every staff person got these two prints with their picture. 

They gave me the link to order more prints and I had way too much fun that afternoon checking out all of the backgrounds.  They had almost 70 to try. 

I asked the photographer if you would be able to see my white shirt coming out of the jacket.  She said no.  I'm so disappointed that she lied!

This is just hilarious.  Can you see a 2nd grader on here?

Michael took Spencer to the Mayo Clinic on Wednesday to have the patches taken off.  He still couldn't shower or sweat though because his skin was still being exposed to the residue. 

Michael finally hung my pig light that my friend Marva sent me in the mail last month. 

I gave Spencer his plate of dinner to put on the table.  This is what I came to find when I got to the dining room. 
Thursday the 16th was the 21st anniversary of when Michael and I met.  I picked up food from Costco and we had dinner and wine in the dining room. 

Then we had fun with photos. 

We also took Elliott's 5 year- 11 month pictures.  


On Friday the 17th I taught Art Masterpiece in Spencer's class. 
Then I went with them to a "field trip" that came to the school.  It was a representative from the Phoenix Zoo with a bunch of animals. 

Hissing cockroach 

In the afternoon I taught Art Masterpiece in Elliott's room.  We were using clay to make horses.  Yes.  Horses. 

There was another trip to Mayo in the afternoon and then Spencer and I ran some errands.  My night ended with a trip to Goodwill where I almost bought this sweater for a very specific purpose. 

Up Next: the reason I almost bought this hideous sweater......My Golden Girl's Party.