Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snips and screenshots

Sometimes, when I'm doing what can only be considered effing around on the internet or facebook, I find something that is interesting or intriguing that I want to keep.  There's no real reason to keep it, I just don't want to lose the image.  That's exactly why I like pinterest so much, but there are things that just aren't pinnable.  

I've accumulated a lot of these "things" by snipping them on the computer and taking screenshots on my phone, so I thought I'd write a post so that I can delete them from my computer and phone.  Really, the truth is that I'm trying to be better about my frequency of blogging and this is an easy post.  Ha!

This was in my facebook feed before Christmas.  It was an advertisement.  Apparently Michael and I should have had children named Abigail and James.
There was a thing on facebook where you entered your name to see what your personality was like based on your name.

This could not be further from the truth.  I laughed for about 16 hours straight when I saw this.  Read the Natalie rectangle first.

  I am NOT relaxed, I am NOT chill and I never go with the flow.  If I am light hearted and accepting it's because a lot of thought and effort has gone into it.  I get worked up VERY easily.  And, eh, maybe I am well adjusted and  happy the majority of the time, but sometimes I am the angriest and most apathetic person in the world.  I don't think anybody is wondering what my secret to life is.

Michael got the exact same result.  His is very much true.
Spencer's speaks more to me than my own.  And I can see Spencer growing up to fit this.  Except being aggressive.
It's hard to make a judgement about Elliott's since he is 3 and has virtually no world experience.  He is stubborn and headstrong though.

I took a personality quiz that I found on facebook.  I am the rarest type of personality.  Go me!

Last month I was talking to a friend about how often I imagine fake conversations in my head.  Fake head conversations probably occupy 87% of my thoughts.  He said he hardly ever does this.  I find that to be weird and unbelievable. 
This quiz tried to guess who I am.

I am a woman and I do like my phone (that I don't ever call a mobile) and I'm not opposed to drinking beer, but the rest is totally wrong.

This was a quiz about what type of person you are based on Gretchen Rubin's theory of the Four Tendencies.

The rarest type of person is the Rebel, followed pretty closely by Upholders.  Most people are Questioners or Obligers.

According to my results I am an Upholder.  I can see this.  It makes sense to me.  It doesn't mean I don't procrastinate sometimes (a lot of the time), but the description of Upholder rings true for me.

I hope you can read these screenshots, because they are pretty interesting.

And finally I took a quiz about what type of intelligence is dominant in my brain.  My result was Verbal and Linguistic.  This is not surprising at all.  I am a Speech Language Pathologist in all aspects.

Monday, March 30, 2015


These are the things that happened at our house on Sunday.

I asked if people preferred waffles or pancakes.  Elliott was the only one that answered and he wanted waffles.


He ended up eating 6 or 7 of them.  He ate so many we lost count.
After breakfast, which was really brunch, Michael and the kids went into the backyard to do yardwork and I took a solo trip to Target.

I had this thought while there: I am really quite sick and tired of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny taking all the credit for my effort AND my money.

This was happening when I got home.

I did not join in because I had some heavy lifting to do.  Literally.

I bought lifting gloves last week because I am lifting such heavy weights in the Chalean Extreme program that I was getting calluses.

This was my first workout using them.  I thought they would be annoying and I would hate them, but they provide so much cushion and extra grip that it is so much more comfortable to lift with them.

I have been lifting 20 and 25 pounds pretty regularly.

But 30 pounds is still way too much.   I can barely move these to just get them out of my way.
And finally, there was a good 20 minutes of cooperative play without them trying to kill each other.  It was so nice and peaceful.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Memory Lane

I hosted the most recent get-together for my ladies group on Saturday.  The hostess is responsible for coming up with the idea for the get-together and then implementing it.  Sometimes we do really simple things and sometimes we get elaborate.  I was looking for simple for March.

I didn't go to the February get-together because it was the first day of my kids being sick for the next, oh, 4 weeks so I hadn't seen all of my ladies since January.

The idea I came up with was to have a Memory Lane day.  This is the description I wrote for the invite:

Bring a photo album or a pile of pictures from your past to share with everyone. It might be a trip you took, your wedding pictures, the time you went to camp in Junior High or just random pictures from your youth. The only rule is it has to be something that happened more than 10 years ago. So nothing after 2005! We'll all have a chance to share our pictures and then, if people have time, we'll have some snacks and watch a nostalgic movie. If I can find it, I was thinking about the movie Now and Then.

The original start time was supposed to be 2:00.  Then I was invited to go to a conference in the morning, so I changed it to 3:00.  Then the conference was cancelled but I had already gone through all the hassle of changing the time so I kept it at 3:00.  It just meant that we didn't have extra time to watch a movie. 

I did offer lots snacks though.  

Including a vegetable and bacon sampler.

Brenda took this picture.  I was not wearing a choker, or any type of necklace for that matter, so I don't know what the weird shadow on my neck is all about.

After snacks and wine, it was time for the memories.

Shireen and Joni weren't able to make it and Cynthia was a very last minute addition (she lives in California now) but we still had an awesome time.  Lots of memories and lots of laughs.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elliott milestones and etc

Monday was a huge day!  We registered Elliott for preschool.  He starts the same day that Spencer starts 2nd grade- July 20th.  He will be going to the same school, will be in the same classroom and will have the same teacher that Spencer had for two years of preschool.  We're very excited.  Less exciting will be getting two kids to two different schools at the same time.  Thank goodness Spencer can take the bus.

This picture was taken on Wednesday, but whatever.  This is very close to what he looked like on registration day.
The registration that we did on Monday was just the internet registration.  We still have to go to the actual school with our proof of residency, vaccination record and Elliott's birth certificate to complete the process.  Except that, oops.  We never ordered a birth certificate for Elliott.  So Michael went during his lunch break today and got one.  We got a copy of Spencer's by the time he was 3 months old. Poor, neglected 2nd born child. 
And just for the heck of it- this is what Spencer looked like on his first day of preschool.  Well, actually it was his first day of his second year because he went to daycare preschool two mornings a week for a year.  But this is what he looked like on his first day of preschool that is the same preschool where Elliott will go.  Got that?
I was about four months pregnant with Elliott while taking this picture.  Spencer was less than two months from turning four.

And the first day of his third year of preschool/second year of the same preschool where Elliott will go.

And this is what Elliott looked like on that day.

He was seven months old and finally healthy.
Moving on.

This is how I found Elliott after his nap yesterday.  Not really a milestone, but interesting that he could sleep with his face shoved down between the mattress and dresser like this.

But this is a milestone.  A big one.

This is the very last diaper of Elliott's life.
I bought a package of 22 diapers about 22 days ago.  We decided he would wear one each night until we used all of them.  He has woken up dry every single morning for this entire package of diapers.  We probably could have done this a few weeks ago, but we figured we would just use all of them.  Mostly so I could write this blog post.

Last night was the night.

I was ever so slightly worried that he would wake up wet this morning, but he wasn't.  Thank goodness.
I stopped at the Gap on my way home from work today.  There was a headless mannequin in the store window that just happened to be wearing the same outfit as me.  I bought the shirt at that same Gap two weeks ago.  It was slightly embarrassing but mostly just funny.

I was wearing white capri jeans too.
We went out for dinner tonight.  Mostly I was tired after working all day, I didn't want to cook and I wanted  to eat steak.  But we said it was to celebrate the end of diapers.

We went to Texas Roadhouse. The kids got balloon art and I got meat.  Win-win.