Monday, September 30, 2019

My 40th birthday party: Part 2

I decided to have a brunch party for my 40th birthday party.  Brunch is my favorite and it also made it easier for people from Tucson to attend.   As I was planning it I decided that everything about the party would be my favorites.  My favorite cakes, my favorite foods, my favorite decorations, etc. 

I want to warn you this is going to be a long post.  Not incredibly words, but there are many, MANY pictures.

Let's go!

I ordered or bought everything except the hash-brown casserole, the tomato slices with pesto, and the fruit kebabs. Michael went to go pick up all of the food.  Then the party started and he wasn't home yet and we had no food, including my cakes.

It was a tad tense.
Finally!  My cakes arrived!


Almond Amaretto

Chocolate Mousse

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Cake collage

My friend Jeremy took 90% of the pictures with his fancy camera. 

Breakfast burritos

hash-brown casserole

almond croissants

tomatoes with pesto and cheese

fruit kebabs


Coffee and tea

Flower centerpieces in the daylight

I wanted to take a picture with every one of my guests in front of my forty backdrop. Jeremy insisted that I get one of just me first.

This was my idea.

Michelle.  We worked together for three years up until May. 

My Uncle Terry

My mom's friend Rosemary

My mom's friend Sheila

Anthony (who I know from 1997 Boys State) and his boyfriend Christopher

My mom and dad
My mom and dad's friend Jim.  I lived with him and his late wife Julie when I was an intern in the AZ Senate. 

Our neighbors Jesus and Jo Ann

Heather, who was originally friends with Megan but is now my genuine friend and not the friend of a friend. 

Chelsea (who I met in 3rd grade and became friends with in 7th grade) and her husband Mike.

My Aunt Kathy

Megan, best friend since first day of first grade. 

Lauren, from The Sisterhood, and her boyfriend Paul. 

Maryellen, from The Sisterhood, and her husband John. 

My friend Brendan, who I met in high school. 

The Sisterhood- Joni, Brenda, Me, Shireen, Maryellen, Lauren

Brenda, from The Sisterhood.  The only person I didn't get a picture with is her husband Cliff.  He was there though. 

Shireen, from The Sisterhood, and her husband Joseph. 

Jeremy (from Boys State) and his mom Annette

Joni, from The Sisterhood and her husband Blaine. 

My brother Nick. 

Nick and his fiance Raquel

Michael, Raquel and Nick

I mean, do I really have to label this?

Megan and her husband Scott

I think you know

My Aunt Janis and Uncle Gary

Tracy, who is the Occupational Therapy Aid, and Steve, the Physical Therapist at work. 

And now- the presents!  For the sake of actually getting through this post, I won't label everything. 

This is the only picture I have of me with my cakes, and shortly after Jeremy left and therefore there were no more pictures. 

And that, my friends, is my party!