Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving day and long weekend? We had a great day, but the weekend has gone by way too fast. I'm not ready to go back to work.

Thanksgiving Day started with some hijinks with Granddad. My dad seems to be making a scary face, but it wasn't actually meant to be scary.

We always try to take the family picture early in the day. Who knows what will happen to Spencer's clothes and/or face as the day goes on. There was a glare when we went outside. My mom couldn't see the picture on the camera screen and this is what happened. It would be a great picture if Spencer had a face. Then my dad thought he could do better. Again, a great picture if Michael had a whole head. Something was just off about the proportions of this shot. The official 2009 Thanksgiving picture Spencer was lifting his foot to his face. Nathan said that he would die if he tried such a maneuver, so Kendra showed him that it was possible. Somehow Michael missed all of this and when he saw this picture he thought that Spencer was copying Kendra. My Aunt Jan and my Aunt Janis prepping the yummy dinner. Spencer with Gramme I bought a really cute outfit for Spencer back in September. I bought it specifically for him to wear on Thanksgiving. How stupid am I? The outfit includes a fleece vest and it was 84 degrees on Thursday. Plan B was Spencer's beloved Gorilla shirt. Ahhh, the Chocolate Stout Cake. It was DELICIOUS! I think Nathan appreciated finally having candles that were not stuck in a pumpkin pie. Kendra, my cousin Blaine and the birthday boy. We went to Tucson on Thursday evening to spend the weekend. On Friday night we went to the birthday party of a family friend. Since the party was at night and a lot of it was outside, Spencer got to wear the fleece vest. How adorable is this outfit? I want to wear it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Firsts

Two important Spencer firsts happened on Monday.

#1. Spencer and I made a deal with each other and he actually kept his end of the bargain. This has never happened before. I consider it a teeny tiny inkling of the logical thinking and emotional maturity I hope are developing. I told him he could play outside with the water table if he would let me cut his nails without throwing a fit. He thought about it for a moment, laid down on the floor, stuck his hand out, let me cut his nails, then walked straight to the back door, pointed and said, "mom, whoreotter".

#2. Spencer got his first ever splinter. It was in his foot. He got it in the hallway. It was microscopically tiny. He acted as if his foot had been cut off with a dull, rusty hand saw (so much for the emotional maturity).

These pictures were taken after the actual splinter removal. It's not really possible to take pictures of the process of splinter removal when one parent is holding the thrashing, rabid, pitt-bull of a two year old down while the other parent is pulling the splinter out.

Spencer insisted that the splinter was still there even after it was removed. This is Michael pretending to take it out again.

Please note that we had to use a book light in this process because we don't have any flashlights that work. When the apocalypse happens we will be among the first to die because we are not even prepared with flashlights and batteries for simple splinter removal, let alone the end of days. We are terribly unprepared parents.

This was actually after the splinter was gone. Just imagine his face while the splinter was still under the skin.
It's all good though. Spencer used the book light to flash himself in the eye, so now our main concern is the CATARACT he gave himself.
Holy turkey, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let that fasting before the feasting begin.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Woofstock and Spencer's Stalker

This past weekend was the first weekend since September that we didn't have pre-arranged plans. We decided to spend our free time taking Ginger to the dog festival Woofstock.

Spencer wore his dog t-shirt.

Ginger got a free manicure. They also sprayed her with marshmallow scented dog perfume and gave her a bow. Such a pretty girl.There was a dog-in-costumes parade. After we were all dogged-out we went to the playground. Spencer and daddy spent some quality time on the slides. Spencer drove the fire truck. I like the cool-guy one arm on the wheel, one arm hanging out the window.
Then, Spencer got a stalker. This girl just came up and started "helping" him with everything he was doing. Keep in mind, both Michael and I were standing right there. She had the nerve to follow us to the slides even after we said that we could help him. Then she had the gumption to follow him under the slide. Seriously, does this kid not have parents? What if we were kidnappers who had kidnapped 1 kid and were using him to get another? I mean, we're not of course, but there are sick people out there. I know we don't look scary, but it made me worry for her that she just walked right up to us without a care in the world and then wouldn't leave. She "hung out" with us for a good 10 minutes. Not a parent in sight. Sheesh.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

The first part of this post is not a flashback at all. It's the Thanksgiving decorations that are currently up in our house. It's my last chance to share with you. After this weekend it'll be all red and green and Santa and snowmen. I know, I know. It's ridiculous to decorate before Thanksgiving, but all the retail stores are doing it. Plus, if we don't do it this weekend there is really no other time to do it. We're busy or out of town every weekend until Christmas.
I usually remember where and when I got all my decorations. I have no memory of buying this. That's not true. It came from Joann's Fabric. I just don't remember when.
Don't you just love stuffed turkeys from the dollar store?
Here's the Flashback. Spencer's first Thanksgiving. He was 10 weeks old. I wasn't being neglectful by having him in short sleeves and no socks. I think it was 80 degrees that day.
My cousin Caitlin
This is the site of what will be the annual picture for years to come. The outdoor living room/kitchen at my aunt and uncle's house.
Michael picking at the turkey before dinner was served.
My aunt Jan

This is Spencer's 2nd Thanksgiving. He was 14 months. I reeeeaaallly regret now cutting all my hair off last year. This was about 2 weeks after the haircut. Yuck.
Caitlin again. I guess she cut her hair off too last year.
Spencer getting his grub on.
He ate mostly bread and cranberry sauce. No turkey.
Why is Thanksgiving so exciting? Why do I look forward to it so much? I eat everyday, most days at least 3 times. What is it about a carb loaded, 3,000 calorie meal that is so dang appealing?

Nathan's birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. I offered to make him a cake. He accepted (damn it!). I'm going to make him a Chocolate Porter layer cake. Chocolate and Guiness together in a cake. Oh. My. God.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Word

Spencer's expressive vocabulary has been growing by leaps and bounds. I swear I hear him say at least 1-2 things every day that I have never heard before. One of the reasons I decided to start blogging was so that I would have a place to record memories- momentous firsts, funny happenings, family events. I do keep a baby book, but it's the kind where you fill in the blanks of pre-written areas and it just doesn't have a spot for what I'm about to share.

Spencer's newest word is "water".

When he says it it sounds like a combination between....




Am I an awful person for using google to find a picture of a prositute and then using it as a visual representation of the word "whore"? Are you going to stop reading my blog because I'm so uncouth? Is it reprehensible that Michael and I giggle everytime Spencer says whoreotter when we turn on the faucet?

Hey, it's a memory and I want to keep it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today is my mama's 60th Birthday. I think she is spending the morning painting baseboards and the afternoon judging the spelling bee at her former school. Happy birthday indeed. I don't feel too bad for the lack of glamour on her actual birthday, though, because she had a pretty spectacular party for herself on Saturday night.

Where should I begin? How about at the best part of any birthday party...the CAKE. It was dark chocolate with Bailey's Irish Cream and chocolate ganache filling. This is the same cake that we had for the bottom tier of our wedding cake- just decorated differently.

We moved all the funiture in the living room and dining room and set up round tables. The centerpieces were left over from Nathan and Kendra's rehearsal dinner. Good thing my mom and dad have lots of closet space.
My dad served as bartender. I managed to not take a single picture of me and my mom together. I did get one of her with Spencer. Only women were invited to this party. Michael and Spencer actually left once the party started. My dad was there, but in a working capacity.

Some of the ladies enjoying themselves.

My mom hired a harpist to play lovely music during dinner. Barbara sang a couple of songs as a gift to my mom.
My mom with all her gifts. She's popular!
This is the only picture of me from the whole night. :(
We got our mom a 10-piece, handpainted Nativity set. It's gorgeous.
My mom and dad are going on a cruise to the Panama Canal in a couple of weeks. It apparently has nothing to do with my mom's birthday. This is the part of the party where my dad announced that his gift to my mom is a trip to Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Then this is my mom announcing that after that trip, they are going to take a trip to Poland.
My brothers and I have a message for our parents: Stop spending our inheritance on international travel.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!