Friday, January 25, 2019

Two weeks of just blah and boring

You're going to read this post and wonder why I'm still blogging.  You will leave a comment and say, "Just give it up, Natalie.  Your life has reached all time levels of boring,"

Michael hung the new TV on Saturday the 12th.  There were some issues with the cords.  I can't live like this. 
So, we actually moved the TV down a little bit and then I created this beautiful "block" in front of the cables. I can live like this. 

I hung the sloth banner from the bed.  It's a good reminder to sleep. 
My parents came up for a party on Saturday the 12th and spent the night with us.  On Sunday the 13th Michael took our outside Christmas lights down and then FINALLY (after almost four years of asking) hung lights out by the pool.  My dad assisted. 

We have no permanent lighting out by the pool and this helps a lot. 

New piggy socks on Wednesday the 16th.  We've had a lovely cold winter and I am taking full advantage. 

Elliott was 7 years 1 month on the 16th.  He picked the outfit, location, and poses. 


I got a haircut on Saturday the 19th.  I love Diana, my stylist. 
The kids went to Tucson for the long holiday weekend.  Nick and Raquel drove them back on Monday the 21st.  They took a lovely nap on the couch when they got here. 
I tried out a button up shirt on Wednesday the 23rd.  I don't typically wear button up shirts.  But this was $6 so I thought I'd branch out.

New house plant on Thursday the 24th.  Are we houseplant people? It remains to be seen. 
And finally, I have continued with my January purging.  I've had six wine glasses in this box for about four years.  I was about to get rid of them but then asked Nicole (the PTO president) if they could be sold in the holiday shop in 2019.  She said yes, so apparently I'm stuck with them for another year. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

A festive new year home

Every year I am so sad to take down the Christmas decorations. Once they are down, though, I love how empty and clean the house looks.  Then I love putting up the gold and white decorations because they continue that clean feel. 

The entry way table.  First year with the new red table.

A poorly ironed new gold tablecloth in the dining room. 

I left this nativity picture on the wall because I love it so much.  It has gold!
Table behind the couch in the family room. 

Kitchen table
I bought this gold ball garland and didn't know what to do with it so I just stuck it above the kitchen sink.
Window in kitchen.  Sorry it's so glowy from outside.  I'm too lazy to wait until night to re-take the picture. 

Pantry door

Entertainment center

It's not much, but it makes me so happy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Back to slow

Last week was boring. That's always kind of nice after the busy, festive weeks of holiday stuff.

I worked on Monday the 7th.

At least my outfit was festive. 
The kids and I stopped in to Hobby Lobby that afternoon.  We saw this flier for a Bob Ross painting. class.  WHAT?  Sign me up!
I've been doing my customary January purging.  Unfortunately this set of plates had to go.  We've had them for about a decade and never even taken them out of the box.  They're just going to Nick and Raquel's though, so we still get to visit. 

I bought this nightshirt on Tuesday the 8th. It reminded me of someone. 

It reminded me of Grandpa Joe!

Side by side.  You see it! I know you do!

I got this adorable little sloth banner too. So, I'm purging and buying.  Total logic.
I finally checked my mailbox at work on Wednesday the 9th.  There had been a Christmas gift sitting there for 3 weeks! 

This is what was inside. 

I put this scent sachet in my car.  It's really lovely. 

Also a lovely sunset that night. 
I made a pot of beef stew on Wednesday and we ate the leftovers on Thursday.  Michael didn't seem to appreciate my picture of him mid dinner.  He was eating like my grandfather though.  My grandfather always had a piece of bread in his left hand.  Always. 
The OT I work with bought this puzzle, dumped it out, and then couldn't put it back together.  I told her I would take it home and let Elliott do it.  Elliott did not do it (only because he had gone to bed) but Michael did it in about a minute. I took a picture to show her how it works for the future). 

Spencer's selfie on Friday the 11th. 

See, I told you it was boring. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

The last days of break

Saturday the 5th was the second to last day of break.  Elliott was sleeping in a make shift bed in Flagstaff and this is how he woke up. 

I took some pictures of the house before we left. 

My parents and Nick drove back to Tucson after we left Flagstaff.  Nathan and Bella came home with us.  Nathan, Spencer and I took Bella to get her hair cut that afternoon.  She's only had one hair cut in her four and a half years and she was very nervous about this. 

The lady cutting her hair did an amazing job and I think Bella left convinced that hair cuts aren't that bad after all. 

Look how cute!

That night we went for happy hour at The Perch.  We sat outside so the kids could walk around looking at the birds. 

I gave my phone to Elliott and Bella (brave, I know!) and told them to take pictures. 

After happy hour we went out to dinner and then we walked around downtown Chandler.  It was nice because all of the Christmas decorations were still up. 

Bella says her baby brother is going to be named Benjamin Rainbow Popcorn Red.  

Rainbow popcorn!

Nathan and Bella flew home on Sunday the 6th.  We spent all day taking Christmas down and packing it away until next year.  Spencer went over to a friend's house to spend the night.  Around 5:00 pm we remembered we had missed his monthly picture.  So, being the insane stickler I am we drove over there and got it in one take. 

11 years 4 months

Then we went grocery shopping and didn't buy any of this delicious looking wine.