Monday, January 14, 2019

The last days of break

Saturday the 5th was the second to last day of break.  Elliott was sleeping in a make shift bed in Flagstaff and this is how he woke up. 

I took some pictures of the house before we left. 

My parents and Nick drove back to Tucson after we left Flagstaff.  Nathan and Bella came home with us.  Nathan, Spencer and I took Bella to get her hair cut that afternoon.  She's only had one hair cut in her four and a half years and she was very nervous about this. 

The lady cutting her hair did an amazing job and I think Bella left convinced that hair cuts aren't that bad after all. 

Look how cute!

That night we went for happy hour at The Perch.  We sat outside so the kids could walk around looking at the birds. 

I gave my phone to Elliott and Bella (brave, I know!) and told them to take pictures. 

After happy hour we went out to dinner and then we walked around downtown Chandler.  It was nice because all of the Christmas decorations were still up. 

Bella says her baby brother is going to be named Benjamin Rainbow Popcorn Red.  

Rainbow popcorn!

Nathan and Bella flew home on Sunday the 6th.  We spent all day taking Christmas down and packing it away until next year.  Spencer went over to a friend's house to spend the night.  Around 5:00 pm we remembered we had missed his monthly picture.  So, being the insane stickler I am we drove over there and got it in one take. 

11 years 4 months

Then we went grocery shopping and didn't buy any of this delicious looking wine. 

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