Monday, May 6, 2019

Wrapping up April

There is nothing like enjoying a nice holiday, just easy and breezy with your family, and then BAM! the next day you're at the dermatologist wearing a paper gown and having your skin analyzed.  

While I was waiting for my appointment I was laughing at this woman who was reading her Daily Reminder book from 1974.  
Elliott's palate expander fell out on Easter Day, so on Tuesday the 23rd I picked him up at school, took him to be fit for a new one, and then took him back to school.   I'm already tired of all the orthodontist appointments.

Spencer being a goof with my phone on Wednesday the 24th. 
Yoga toes for me that night.  I've actually started taking magnesium to help with foot and leg cramps.  It seems to be working. 
Joni and I went to a continuing education class together on Thursday the 25th.  I now have all the hours I need to renew my Department of Education certificate.  
Michael and I were both off from work on Friday the 26th so we went to the opening day of Avengers: Endgame.  Michael was very, very excited. 
Since it was opening day there was a Disney rep outside of the theater handing out surveys.  I like a hefty dose of work with my movies. 

I was mostly excited about my new shoes.  But, I did love the movie too. 

And finally, my new Arizona shirt on Saturday the 27th.  

Thursday, May 2, 2019

A festive Easter house- 2019

Due to Easter being so late in the year, we had an Easter-tastic house for an entire month this year. I put everything up when it was still March and took everything down the Saturday after Easter.  Now the house will be "normal" until mid-June when I break out the 4th of July stuff. 

The front yard

The entry way

This little runner was new. 

Living room

Elliott made many trips to those little candy dishes. 

Entry hallway closet

Entry way bench

Dining room

We "lost" these glasses until halfway through the month.  And when I say "we lost" I mean I asked Michael to look in the cabinet where we keep holiday dishes and he said they weren't in there.  They miraculously appeared when I looked.  The two clear wine glasses in the middle are new. 

The collection of foot chicks. We're due to make more in 2021. 

Pantry door

Laundry room door

Kitchen cabinets

Above the kitchen sink

Behind the kitchen table

Kitchen table

The place mats were new.  I think I bought them around Valentine's Day. 

Ginger got a little bunny of her own. 

Family room

The new shower curtain in the hallway bathroom. 
I had towels and soap dispensers in the bathrooms too, but I forgot to take pictures in there before I packed everything up. You'd think I would have done it when I was in there taking the picture of the shower curtain.  You would think wrong. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Easter day was a toasty one in Tucson.  We started with Easter baskets.  As always, there was a bathing suit in there.  This year it's a one piece body suit for each kid. 

The candy hunt was next.  We, I mean the Easter Bunny, didn't do plastic eggs this year.  Nobody noticed so bye-bye eggs it is. 

I took exactly one picture of each child. Amazing!

The centerpiece on the island. 
We went outside for our family picture.  In scouting a location I thought I would show the lovely purple cactus in my parent's backyard. 

Official 2019

Elliott claimed this outfit was ruining his life. 

Ready for appetizers.

Ready for dinner.

Ready for dessert.

Oh, and ready for drinks. 

The food!

I was lacking on the people shots this year. 

And then it was time to drive home with an extra (approximately) 25 pounds of chocolate.