Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Bye Bye July

The end of July was just as boring as the previous few weeks of July, so don't get your hopes up for this post.

On Sunday the 26th I re-painted the front step.  This color is much more forgiving and doesn't show the terrible dust like the dark brown did. 

We also put the peel and stick privacy film on the front window. 
Some new accessories, and the front door is finally really done.   I took this picture on Monday the 27th.

Once it cools off outside I plan on painting the rest of the concrete on the front patio.  Not the red flagstone, just the concrete. 

I was so hot from doing all the work outside and my hair is finally long enough that this happened!
I don't have a single picture from Tuesday the 27th, and this is the only one I have from Wednesday the 28th.  Elliott has outgrown this chair that my Aunt and Uncle gave us.  It used to belong to my cousin, so I wanted to know if my Aunt wanted it back.  She doesn't. 

Thursday the 30th was the first day of my 17th year as a speech language pathologist.  My school will be completely virtual for the whole first semester, so this is my office now. 

I need to bring home many more of my materials to get through this. 

The last three "first" days. 
Michael and I actually went to a real grocery store that evening to buy some ingredients for a cocktail I was making the next day. 

Fry's seems to think that a box of wine is a single serving.  Well, if I have to drink it in one sitting, I will. 

Up next: We throw a party for Harry Potter's 40th birthday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Zipping through July

Can you believe we are almost in August?  I still haven't really processed April, so the fact that we're three months past it seems odd. 

On Friday the 17th we had a peanut butter sandwich buffet for dinner.
This was mine.  
PB, fluff and raspberry drizzle on white, and PB, honey and banana on white.  Delicious. 

We had a Christmas in July theme for our family happy hour zoom on Saturday the 18th. 

It was really festive!
Sunday the 19th was National Ice Cream Day.

We had ours in the pool. 

There was a lovely sunset while we were out there.  

Masks and self-care for me and Elliott on Monday the 20th. 

I took the kids to see their allergy doctor on Tuesday the 21st. 

Then gave Spencer a haircut that night.  

I'm running a full service salon out of the master suite. 

Elliott's friend Malcolm came over for a swim on Wednesday the 22nd. 

I took my iced coffee into the pool. 

I was getting my workout ready that afternoon when this gorgeous picture came on the screensaver. 

It matched so perfectly with the rest of the decor.  It was lovely. 

The humidity was on the rise that day and so was my hair. 

We finished this home project on Friday the 24th.  This is in our room.  I love it. 
This is the inside of our front door.  Ginger always used to love that window because she could look out it at the street. 
After she died I realized her slobber was all over the glass.  For two years I haven't been able to clean it because it's a part of her. 
We decided to put privacy film up on this window though, meaning, it has to be cleaned.  I took pictures and then made Michael do it. 
Our family zoom that day, on the 25th, was extra special.  We were celebrating Lois and Jerry's 50th wedding anniversary.  We got a cake so we could celebrate them. 

The theme was fancy and gold.  Everyone came through!  Nick is out to sea, so he was holding his water bottle, but I edited the pic just a bit. 

Up next: I guess it will be the last week of July. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Totally random catch-up

This is going to be a weird catch-all post of the last week-ish.  Nothing happened.  So, there's not much to report.

I had a follow-up at my dermatologist's office on Thursday the 9th.  I had an infection in my toe from a previous biopsy, so they just needed to look and make sure it was healed.  My friend from high school, John, is a physician assistant in the office, so I made the appt with him.  We spent most of the time just chatting. 

When I got home that day I found the Harry Potter coasters Michael had lost.  
There is absolutely nothing to report from Friday.  Not even a single picture. 

And the only thing from Saturday the 11th was our family zoom to celebrate Raquel's birthday.
I made this gorgeous salad platter for dinner on Sunday the 12th.  Spencer said, "That's all we're having?"  Elliott said, "Well, I'm not eating any of that."
I got a bunch of new masks that I had ordered delivered on Monday the 13th.  They got all tangled together after I washed them and it was a nightmare untangling them. 
I worked on progress reports for hours on Tuesday the 14th. I was tempted because I was sitting at the dining room table, and there was wine on both sides of me! 

I had an appointment with one of my surgeons on Wednesday the 15th.  I made sure my mask matched my outfit AND my robe! 

We got this gigantic pizza for dinner that night.  

And finally, Elliott's 8 year 7 month picture on the 16th.  This is where he wanted to take it.  I thought the shirt actually looked really nice with the wreath on the door.  

Told ya it was all boring!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie day

Elliott finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on July 6th, but we held off on the movie party until the 8th.  We had to watch two movies in one day, so it took some planning. 

We watched Part One with a lunch time menu.  We put Hedwig on the table in honor of..........SPOILER ALERT.........Hedwig dying. 

Sandwiches, tarts, and cappuccinos. 
At the wedding of Bill and Fleur, waiters popped up on all sides, some carrying silver trays of pumpkin juice, butterbeer, and firewhisky, others tottering piles of tarts and sandwiches.

"They relapsed into a prickly silence. The gum-chewing waitress shuffled over and Hermione ordered two cappuccinos. As Harry was invisible, it would have looked odd to order him one. A pair of burly workmen entered the cafe and squeezed into the next booth. Hermione dropped her voice to a whisper."
Of course we had customized the drinks to the house cups.  For example, Elliott's cappuccino was 99% milk and 1% coffee.

We took a break for a couple of hours before we started Part Two.  We had a dinner menu for that. 

A Nagini calzone, pumpkin pasties, and pumpkin juice.

I was pretty proud of the job I did on Nagini.  

I used black olives for the eyes, cashews for the fangs, and a piece of roasted red pepper for the tongue.  The calzone was stuffed with ricotta, sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni.  

I made homemade crust and filling for the pasties. 
The pumpkin juice was a combo of pumpkin, brown sugar, spices, and apple cider.   It was pretty tasty.  I liked it better than the butterbeer.  

House glasses

This is what was left of Nagini.  Nagini was very tasty.  

And that's a wrap on the Harry Potter parties......except we're going to do something for the Fantastic Beasts movies, and we're going to celebrate Harry's 40th birthday at the end of July.