Sunday, December 9, 2018

Prescott on Sunday

After a very fragmented night of sleep last Saturday (where Elliott tossed and turned and punched and kicked me in our shared bed) everybody got up and slowly got going.

Spencer was in doggy heaven.

We went out to breakfast and then to a beautiful park to see the very cold scenery. 

This was a dock that went over the water.  #1.  It was in the 30's and Jeremy was wearing shorts and flip flops.  #2.  It was rocking the dock back and forth which was scaring and thrilling the kids. 

See the waterfall?

Scary dam. 

After the park we went "hiking" which means we wandered around a little path by a little creek for five minutes. 

And then we headed to the main event for Sunday.  The largest gingerbread village in the world!  

All this gingerbread and not one cookie was available to buy. 

After that we packed up and headed home.  I know it doesn't seem like much, but it was close to 5 pm before we got home. 

I found Elliott's to do list when we got home.  I think we did most of it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Prescott and Jerome on Saturday

We took a little overnight trip this past weekend.  We drove to Prescott to stay with my friend Jeremy and his mom, who is also my friend, Annette. 

They have two dogs and two cats.  I was very, very nervous about how my allergic kids would react.

Spencer did fine.  Completely fine.  Elliott, not so much.  He blew up with weepy, itchy eyes and coughing.  We had to dose him with benadryl multiple times and implement a hands-off policy with the animals.

After an hour of so in Prescott we headed up the mountain to Jerome.  They had fresh snow from the night before. 

Jeremy was going to take pictures of us with my phone, but he snagged a selfie first. 

I wish I could remember what was so funny. 

We did not make this snowman, but we did enjoy him. 

Snowball fight!

Lower down on the mountain past the snow. 
When we got to Jerome we walked around a little.  I still don't understand what these toilets about.  People were throwing coins in them. 

There is a great little park up on a hill.  You have to walk up stairs to get there. 

Senior portraits were taken

At the kaleidoscope store. 

This was $12,000!

Looking back at Jerome after driving down the hill. 
After dinner in Jerome we headed back to Prescott to look at Christmas lights.

The Yavapai County courthouse. 

And finally, before we all collapsed into bed, we drove through a cool drive-thru light display.