Monday, September 24, 2018

Caught up after a slow week

Last week was pretty ho-hum.  It wasn't boring, but there was nothing spectacular about it.  It was the perfect week to take very few pictures so I can catch up in the blog time line. 

Monday was mismatch day for spirit week.  I think the kids did a good job.  Spencer even wore two different shoes. 
On Monday evening I helped Spencer make a model stomach for a class project.  We knew when it was a due for a long time and yet we waited until the last minute.  It wasn't bad for a thrown together model.  His report was much better though, because he worked on it in class for weeks. 

Practicing for his presentation. 

The book that I designed and ordered was delivered on Monday evening.  Tears. 

I worked on Tuesday.  I was starving in the afternoon but didn't have a snack with me.  Thank goodness the OT had brought grapes. 

Elliott took this picture that evening.  I think it's quite artistic. 

The budding photographer. 
It rained all day on Wednesday.  It was unbelievably lovely.  I took this as I got home from work.  The storm was just barely starting to break up. 
I was in the bathroom getting ready for work when I heard Elliott talking in his room on Thursday morning.  I couldn't figure out who he was talking to. I peaked around the corner and found him reading out loud to himself. 
And finally, a little tiny bit of fall snuck into the house on Friday.  I had a birthday coupon for Kirkland's and I put together this little number. 

The pig bowl is food safe, so after fall I'll serve salad in it. 
Oh, and this happened too.   But I promise. It's just those two items.  The rest will go live on September 29th, which is still technically September, but close enough to October to be allowable. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Weekend in Tucson

We had a wonderful, completely un-busy weekend in Tucson.  Elliott woke me up at 6:48 am on Saturday morning, which was a low point, but the rest was just lovely.  I went to a tea party with my mom on Saturday afternoon and then I went to church with my parents that evening.  Then we went home and my dad made us drinks at the bar. His bar. 

We also tested out the pumpkins I bought for my parents at Target earlier in the day. 

On Sunday the 16th we took Elliott's 6 year 9 month picture in the guest room before we left to drive home. 

After we drove home we spent the afternoon unpacking, doing laundry and prepping for the weekend.  Michael shaved and I did a little project. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The week after birthdays

Friends.  We are getting close.  This post will bring us nearly in line with the time line.  Thank you, all two of you, for being patient while I played catch up. 

The day that Spencer's Harry Potter party ended Michael and I did a little project in the kitchen.  I bought a roll of $25 wallpaper from Amazon and we did a fake stacked stone back splash.  It looks surprisingly convincing. 





I had a rough start to Monday the 10th when I was frying an egg and accidentally flipped it out of the pan. 
Then it was off to a pulmonolgy appointment for Spencer where they had the coolest outer space wall ever. 

Oh, and this awesome light cover on the ceiling. 
My brother Nathan called on Tuesday the 11th and his home phone number showed up as Flanders Filter.  And that explains why we've been getting all these calls from Flanders Filters that we didn't understand. 

On Wednesday the 12th, Michael and Spencer played one of the games Spencer got from my parents.

I did this inferencing activity during speech therapy sessions on Thursday the 13th. 

All of the kids thought I looked like this teacher. 

Um.  What?  No.  No way. 
I caught Spencer sleeping that night before his "official" bedtime. He slept in the guest room for a month and then was able to move to the extra mattress on the floor for about 10 tens.  We've finally got him back up in his bed. 
We drove to Tucson for the first time since May on Friday the 14th.  Michael and I went to see a 10:00 pm movie, so we had to caffeinate before it. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Harry Potter Party

I have mentioned before that Spencer and I decided to do a Harry Potter theme for his 11th birthday when we were out buying the supplies for his 10th birthday party.  I have had just about everything I needed for this party since August 2017.

I did buy this luggage tag to put on the front door recently.  

Posters that I laminated that I will now take to work.

My favorite part of the whole party: the mug centerpieces I created.  

The owl is not actually a Hedwig owl, but close enough. 

Every party needs fresh flowers, even when it's just a few 5th grade boys. 

I bought a Halloween tree in the Dollar Spot at Target.  Once I added a toy car, I think it made for a perfect Whomping Willow. 

The all important cake!

A side by side of my cake vs the movie cake. I think mine was pretty spot on. 

We had Cole's mom take the family picture after 1.8 million failed attempts with the timer. 

The kids arrived at 5:00, played, and then we had pizza at 6:00.  We had one last minute cancellation, but Spencer was still happy with his three best buddies. 

They went in the pool around 7:30. 

Then it was presents, 

and cake. 

After dessert, Elliott went to bed, Michael and I watched TV in our room and the boys had the family room to themselves.  We went to bed around midnight and we never had to go out to the family room to tell them to be quiet or to go to sleep, so we were impressed by that. 

Then there were donuts for breakfast on Sunday and everyone went home and we were glad to have survived another successful party.