Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mostly just blooming liies

Let me take you back in time.  All the way back to....a week ago. 

I worked all day.  I came home to a package in the mail.  Marva sent me this little piggy.  He has potpourri inside, so he smells good in addition to being cute. 

Ginger was Ginger. 
We woke up on Wednesday to find that one of the lilies from the bouquet I bought the previous Friday had finally opened. 

This one was being quite stubborn. 

And this one had the right idea, but needed some more time. 

The open one was even more gorgeous when I got home that afternoon. 
I made a beef roast in the crock pot that day.  I let Ginger lick the crock after dinner.  Michael wasn't happy about it. 
On Thursday one of my kids at school hit me, threw rocks at me, and called me a bunch of names.  He made an apology note for me.  I heard that the next day he stabbed his teacher in the arm with a pencil.  Fabulous.  BTW.  He's eight. 
Nobody wanted to get up on Friday morning.  We are just about ready for this school year to be OVER. 
We did finally get up though, and discovered that Michael had not thrown his banana peel away the night before.  The placement was kind of funny. 

Some lovely flowers on my morning walk with Ginger. 

I went to the dermatologist on Friday afternoon.  I sent this to Joni BEFORE I got two biopsies, 18 spots of cryotherapy and two spots of electrodessication. I wasn't as happy when I left.
I left my dermatologist, picked up the kids and then we went to Spencer's dermatologist. He did a light therapy session and then for the first time he did light therapy on his feet. 

Friday night saw some nice glasses of rose wine, 

Silly Ginger, 

And the opening of a second lily. 

Oh, and another picture of of lily #1 in case you missed it before. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Face masks and ducks

Last Saturday (the 14th) was the first time I hosted my Sisterhood group in 2018.  I invited everyone over to my house for some snacks, then we did face masks.  The required dress code was one step up from pajamas. 

I worked on cleaning the bathroom and our bedroom for two days because I knew we'd be spending most of the time in there. 

I should host more parties in my bathroom.  It hasn't been this clean since we moved in. 
Maryellen got there early to help me set up.  Everyone else arrived at 10:00 am.

We snacked first. 

Then it was time for masks.
Everyone was horrified by my paper brightening mask.  Apparently it looked like my skin was melting off. 

Brenda decided to do her feet instead of her face. 

We spent about two hours on the bed.  It was great. 

Ginger enjoyed it too. 

She enjoyed it in multiple locations. 

The group shot for the day. 

Sunday the 15th started lazily.   Everybody slept in. 
Then I made eggs benedicts for breakfast.  I even made homemade hollandaise sauce.  

This was Michael's reaction.... "It's not as thick as the sauce you get in restaurants."  I told him to never expect hollandaise sauce again for the rest of his life.  I'll make it, but he won't get any. 


Mine was sans English muffin. 

After breakfast Ginger was wandering around the backyard and she kept stopping and looking in at the pool.  Her fur was all puffed up too.  I couldn't figure out why she had activated ferocious beast mode, so I sent Spencer out to investigate.

Ducks in the pool!

She was mad!
I let her in to the pool area mostly because it seemed like the fastest way to get rid of the ducks.  

It was.  I don't know what I would have done if she had jumped in the pool.  Gone after her, I guess. 

She had to do a few rounds around the perimeter to make sure they were really gone. 
Monday the 16th

Mama, where are the ducks?  I miss them.

Elliott was 6 years 4 months old.  We did his pictures at the piano, just like Spencer's April pictures.