Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A really nothing week

I started loading the photos for this post and I was blown away by how boring last week was! I need to seriously up my blogging game. 

Michael and I went to Costco on Sunday the 18th.  He had just been the day before, so our cart was rather empty.  I took this picture to show Joni, since she had posted her Costco cart on Facebook. 

I bought this dress at Target on Monday the 19th. 
The bottom of it is pleated, and I wasn't going to mess around with ironing a pleated skirt, so I bought this steamer to go with it.  I was so excited about it!  That is a sure fire sign that I am almost 40. 

I steamed it on Tuesday night. 

So I could wear it to work and to an appointment on Wednesday the 21st. 

I brought my own robe to the appointment. 
There are seriously NO pictures from Thursday or Friday. 

On Saturday we worked on getting all of our stuff ready for a big donation.  Spencer doesn't want to keep the puzzle he colored when he was five.  I am heartbroken. 

I took pictures of it before putting it in the recycle.

I'm not sure why he wrote "mom too" on the back.  If I reeeeeealllllllly think about it, I might have helped him color some of it, so he was giving me credit for my work. 

The Sisterhood was supposed to get together for brunch at Brenda's on Saturday.  Then Brenda got sick, and Joni couldn't come, and Maryellen didn't feel well.  So Shireen, Lauren and I went out for coffee. 

These two were bums that afternoon. 

On Sunday the 25th, Michael and I went on a day date to the movies, 

and then out for drinks and dinner. 

Really, so boring! Well, except for the Sunday day into night date.  It was delightful. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Birthday extravaganza

We were all invited to go out on Saturday the 17th for Jeremy and Annette's birthday.  Only I ended up going because Michael has been dealing with an injured back for about a month now and he wasn't in the mood.

I had to prepare my eyes.  This is (almost) 40. 

I got Jeremy some signs for his garage.  I had already given Annette her gift. 

We had dinner at Rustler's Rooste.  There is a beautiful view. 
I took this accidental picture of myself and I was HORRIFIED about the status of my chin and neck until I realized that those are not wrinkles, they are shadows from my hair. 

The festivities

We went outside to see the sunset.

Everyone that had a Boys State Staff shirt was supposed to wear it.  Levi forgot. 

After dinner we went to the American Legion Post 2. 

Where we ran into more friends from Boys State. 

I wanted this pig, but even though Annette offered them actual money for it, they wouldn't let it go. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Elephants, lunch time shopping, and everything in between

I woke up on Monday the 12th to an email telling me that it was Worldwide Elephant Day. 

I wore appropriate earrings for the occasion. 

I also made a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help save the elephants. 
Someone on Facebook was looking for cheap ways to decorate their speech therapy room, so I contributed this. 

I was looking for a backdrop for a picture that night.  This was NOT it.  Look at that sunbeam!
On Tuesday the 13th I had a doctor's appointment.  This lady, who was definitely in her 90's, was wearing leather pants and had consumed four cups of coffee.  She is my hero and my spirit animal. 

I had to wait a long time in the waiting room as well as the exam room. 
I was in my office on Wednesday the 14th when Tracy, who is the OT, came in the room.  I loved her shirt.  I loved it so much we decided to take a trip to the Fry's grocery store in Casa Grande at lunch time so I could get a matching one. 

We documented our field trip. 

Clothes shopping

Kitchen supply shopping


Checking out the fire fighters in the parking lot. 

I was delighted that my brown shoes had finally been delivered that afternoon when I got home. 
Michael and I went out to dinner that night.  I can't actually remember why I was making this face.  Maybe just tired. 
Thursday the 15th I went to see my dermatologist.  I took this pic to show Tracy, since she wasn't working that day.  It's the same shirt as hers, just different colors. 

My second coffee of the day. 
We made a huge mistake and forgot to take Elliott's picture on Friday the 16th, so we had to use one that was taken that day with me.  I cropped me out.

7 years 8 months

Michael and I had a date night that night.  Look at the drink I ordered!

It was refreshing and delicious. 

We went to a second restaurant for dessert and another cocktail before we went to the movies. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

A boring week, a fun Saturday

I was driving home from work on Monday the 5th when I saw this beautiful sky.  It's not a sunset, but it's still pretty. 

Spencer was 11 years and 11 months on Tuesday the 6th.  It is inconceivable that he'll be 12 next month. 
I did a whole bunch of paperwork at work on Wednesday the 7th.  I needed some music to keep me focused so I opened Pandora.  I considered listening to Christmas Radio or Classical Christmas Radio, but I didn't. 
I brought a peach to work for my mid-morning snack on Thursday the 8th.  Looks so sweet and innocent, right?

You need a knife to cut a peach!

My mom's cousin ordered a cheesecake for us and it was delivered on Friday the 9th.

It's red velvet.
That was also the day I decided to spruce up the front patio.


We drove down to Tucson on Saturday afternoon. A huge monsoon storm came into town at the same time we did. 

It started pouring right when we exited the freeway.  I met Chelsea at the movies that afternoon and it was 69 degrees when I pulled into the parking lot. 
We saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which is approximately 450 hours long.  The rain had stopped by the time the movie ended, but the clouds had settled on the Catalinas and looked spectacular. 

 Chelsea came back to my parent's house with me and we got ready for our night out. 

Ubering to my brother's house.
We had drinks and ate dinner at Nick's and then it was time to head to Laffs Comedy Club.  We took the party bus. 

Party people on the party bus. 
We tried to get a big group shot once we were in the club.  You can't see Nick here, but you can see his middle finger. 

Here's Nick, but Raquel is missing now. 

There were four comedians, but I only took a picture of one. 

We were all there to see my friend John (in the glasses) perform.  He was awesome!

We all took the party bus back to Nick's, where there was dancing,

and more drinks. 

Chelsea and I ubered home at 2:37 am on Sunday.  Yes.  Read that again.  2:37 am. 

After we slept for not enough hours, we went to breakfast on Sunday the 11th. Which, I will point out, was yesterday.  Still the timely blogging champion of the world. 

I had a delightful cappuccino. 

So, so, so tired. 

We drove home on Sunday afternoon.  Michael drove and I just basically took pictures of the clouds.