Monday, December 23, 2013

Winston 2013- Report #2

Monday, December 9th

Winston was cuddled up with some friends reading a Sesame Street Christmas book.

Tuesday, December 10th
Winston was feeling adventurous and we found him in outer space doing a little exploration amongst the stars.

Wednesday, December 11th
Winston pulled an all-nighter playing the Wii.

Thursday, December 12th
Winston and his buddies were having a sack race on the dining room table.
Santa, wearing sunglasses, was officiating.
Winston was the clear winner. 
Friday, December 13th
Winston, that naughty little elf, was inspired by Friday the 13th and defaced our family portrait.
We giggled about this one for days.
Saturday, December 14th
We had Elliott's dinosaur party on this day and Winston must have known that there would be lots of extra fingers to potentially make him sick, so he hid in a very safe location high up above the kitchen cabinets.

Sunday, December 15th
Winston brought Spencer and Elliott a gingerbread house all the way from the north pole!

Monday, December 16th
Winston wanted to enjoy the finished house, so he hunkered down with a full day's supply of candies and goodies to gaze adoringly at the candy roof and walls.
He was drinking straight Hershey's syrup out of the bottle.  Winston is hardcore.
Tuesday, December 17th
Winston was riding a duck.
Sometimes it's hard for Winston to be creative day after day after day.
Wednesday, December 18th
Winston replaced our stocking with our UNDERWEAR (and a diaper for Elliott and a collar for Ginger).  Oh, Winston!  You are naughty!

Thursday, December 19th
Again with the markers!  Winston left a fair amount of graffiti in our hallway bathroom.
It was really hard to photograph!

Friday, December 20th
The T-Rexes were pretty upset about the graffiti.

Saturday, December 21st
Winston recovered from the attack with a lovely bath.

Sunday, December 23rd
Winston got himself into a real pickle.

Monday, December 23rd
We finally found out Winston's last name (Gingersnap!) when he left a letter on the refrigerator door.  I wonder what his middle name is.

The elf cookies were delicious!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elliott's 2 year glamour shots- take 1 and 2

We took Elliott into the portrait studio on Tuesday for his 2 year pictures. 
It was a nightmare.  It was crowded, we were stressed and he just lost it.  We're talking threw himself down on the ground, screamed, cried, tried to run away and had a full scale melt down with flailing arms and legs.
I'm not even showing you all of the pictures of him on the floor, because they all look something like this:

Luckily, or unluckily, the photographer didn't take any pictures with him actually sobbing.  She caught semi-happy moments in between the tears.  I kind of wish we could have videotaped the whole ugly incident so I could play it at his high school graduation AND wedding reception.  
Towards the end, right before we gave up and left we did get 2 semi-cute pictures.
This one is pretty good, but you can see the tag in the back of the overalls and that drives me absolutely bonkers.
Luckily I had a special birthday coupon and when I used it I was able to order two 5x7's of the above picture and two 5x7's of the below picture and the coupon covered the entire thing.  I had planned on using the below picture to hang on "the wall" next to Spencer's 2 year picture.  I wasn't thrilled about it, but it would have to do.
I stressed out about it all week.  I just knew that we could do better.
After we realized, last night, that Elliott can be bribed with candy I made another appointment and we decided we were going to power through.
I'm so glad we did.  My heart is happy and I am content until he turns 3.  You can totally tell he has candy in his mouth in some of these and I don't even care.  We kept giving him teeny tiny bites of jelly beans to keep him cooperating.  Next time we'll use a less chewy candy.  Live and learn.  Live and learn.