Monday, April 30, 2012


The other day Ellliott woke  me and Michael up at his typical time, around 8:00 am.  As is our usual routine, Michael changed Elliott's diaper while I went to pee (no giggles.  I pee.  I'm human) before I started to nurse.  After a few minutes Michael called out from the bedroom and asked if I was OK.  I had FALLEN ASLEEP ON THE TOILET.  I think I actually dreamed a tiny dream.

That's a first. 
Other, less embarrsassing firsts in our family:

Spencer started baseball on Saturday.  It is a parent participation class and Michael is the participating parent.  Elliott and I were going to try to go and watch for just a few minutes (the class is VERY close to our house) just to take pictures, but then Elliott fell asleep and by the time he was up the class was over.  Maybe next week.
Elliott sat in his new highchair on Saturday.  He likes it.  He sat in there for breakfast and dinner on Sunday.  No fussing.  I gave him a teether and a spoon to play with.  I can't believe that he can legally eat in 6 weeks.  Truth be told I might try to slip him some banana on June 1st, a whole 2 weeks before his 6 month bday.
This is Spencer his first time in the highchair in January 2008.  He was also 4 months old. 

Anybody have any personally embarassing stories for me?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bears, Beagles and Boys

Spencer had a teddy bear picnic at school yesterday.  I thought I'd continue the theme with his after school snack.

How cute is this bear toast?
Don't tell anyone, but the teddy bear Spencer took to school is actually Elliott's.  He was just the right size to hitch a ride in a backpack.
Spencer's art project was a bear covered in coffee.  It is the most delicious smelling art he has ever brought home.  I want to sprinkle some sugar and pour some cream and then lick him.
Moving on to the second part of the title.

I want to take a picture of the beagle, the boy and the baby for the blog header.  I mean, what could be difficult about that?

Do you see the dogs on Elliott's outfit? 

Pirate dogs.  Love it.
Ginger takes a beautiful photo by herself, but she freaks out everytime Elliott gets near.
Spencer was 15 months old when I started this blog.  Very much a baby.  My url and my blog title matched.  It was perfect.  I never changed the title as he turned from a baby to a boy thinking that I could justify it by saying he will always be MY baby, but then was forced to rename it when Elliott came into existence.  It annoys me that my current blog title doesn't match the url.  And I'm already worried about what to rename the blog when Elliott is no longer a baby.  Somebody already has A Beagle and Two Boys.  And then (and yes, I have thought about this), what do I do when Ginger gets really old and is no longer with us?  I can't have a blog called 2 Boys.  There's no creativity in that. 

And yes, I worry about this, almost daily.

 I also worry, daily, about the zombie apocalyps (thanks, The Walking Dead), the alien apocalypse (thanks, Falling Skies), home invasions (thanks, every news channel in the country) and rare diseases, (thanks, Elliott's liver malfunction and google searches).

Friday, April 27, 2012

Elliott's 4 month Glamour Shots

Before I show you the 1,587,000 pictures from Elliott's photo shoot I want to tell you the HILARIOUS story of our experience at Sears.

Elliott had taken a great nap.  He woke up happy and ready to go.  We were feeling hopeful about everything going smoothly.  We got to Sears right on time.  There was a lady picking up pictures, but other than her we were the only ones there.  We checked in, the photographer gave us some paperwork to fill out and then took us into the room to get ready.  After we were in there, at about 6:15, a lady showed up with her 3 sons claiming she had a photo appointment at 6:00.  The photographer came to ask us when we had booked our appointment, if we had gotten a phone reminder, etc, etc.  We thought, oh great, here we go again.  We'll have to try Target next after writing a strongly worded letter to Sears.  Our photographer was the only one there and he was really nice, but this woman was irate.  She was yelling at him about how it was unacceptable that they were double booked and she had driven 40 minutes to get there, she got a reminder call and she wasn't leaving without her boys being photographed.  The photographer called his manager, got permission to do both photo shoots and very nicely explained to her that a double booking had never happened before, she was free to stay but would have to wait or she could come back for a discount.  She continued to be pissy.  The photographer excused himself to start with us and she left in a huff to go to her car to get her phone so she could show him in the call log when the reminder call had come in.  As if that mattered somehow. 
So.  We're doing our photo shoot.  While we were putting clothes on Elliott the photographer went to check on angry, crazy lady who was now back, yelling again and waving her phone around in the air.  She showed him her cell phone and said, "see.  This is Sears calling me.".  He checked and, this is awesome, said, that is not the phone number for this Sears.  That is the phone number for the Sears at (another) Mall.  They called that Sears and checked and sure enough......crazy, angry, "justice will be served" lady had gone to the wrong Sears.  All of a sudden she was meek and calm and apologetic and blamed the whole silly situation on being tired. 

I felt like saying, "well, I'm tired too lady, and I managed to get here on time with a baby and at the correct mall".  But I didn't.  Then she had the nerve to tell the photographer that she still wanted to stay and do the photos.  The photographer actually knocked about 50% off what we owed (and still took our 40% off coupon!) for us having to deal with the delays caused by her. 

Yikes.  Poor guy was there tonight about 2.5 hours past when he should have gone home.

So, without futher adieu, I give you Elliott at 4 months, with a couple of Elliott at 4 months with Spencer at 4 years at the very end.

Oh, and I illegally hijacked these from the Sears website using the snipping tool, which is why all of them are stamped with the Sears logo.