Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lemon Harvest

When John and Maryellen had us over for Super Bowl, Spencer picked 3 lemons off of their backyard tree.  They sat on the counter for a few weeks and then I tossed them.  When they had us over for St. Patrick's Day he picked about 20 lemons.  We made strawberry lemonade with those.  Spencer had been bugging me to pick more lemons, so yesterday we invited ourselves over and picked 3 big bags full.  We didn't count, but I'll bet it was about 50 lemons.

To thank them for their lemony generosity we had them over for a lemonlicious snack while Elliott napped today.

We made lemon bars, regular lemonade and blueberry lemonade.  I'm not a huge blueberry fan, but the blueberry lemonade was mighty tasty.

I used my very best, gold rimmed dessert plates.  And served the juice out of plastic pitchers.

Keeping it real.
Spencer brought out all of his hats and insisted that John wear the bunny ears.
And little baby Elliott napped for 2.5 hours and didn't wake up until they were leaving.  I was so very pleased.  I thought for sure he would wake up after 30 minutes because we had the gall to try to entertain in his absence.

During the lemon feast of 2012 we had an entire conversation about the Easter Baskets that I put together yesterday and hid.  I had to spell everything because Spencer was sitting right there.

If you promise not to tell him I will tell you that the baskets are in the guest room closet.
Under a beach towel. 
Elliott's basket may or may not contain some jars of baby food to be consumed in 2.5 months and this teeny tiny bathing suit to be worn in the ungodly summer heat. 


k and j said...

love the easter baskets tucked away...hilarious!

and the lemon bars....ahhh yummy!

Cat said...

Strawberry lemonade=good; but I'd never heard of blueberry lemonade. I like that your blogs not only entertain me, but they educate me too. :)