Friday, February 28, 2014

Spirit Week and Kindergarten Rodeo

Spencer had Spirit Week at school this week.
Monday was crazy hair day. 
We were going to get some stuff to put in his hair to make it crazy colors, but we forgot to look at the store, so we just used mousse and hairspray to make it spikey.

Tuesday was twin day.
Spencer and Paul wore the same shirt.  Thank goodness you can buy a $4 shirt at Walmart.

Wednesday was school picture and mustache day. 
I will go on the record to say that having school picture day during spirit week is totally dumb.  And to have school picture day on mustache day is even dumber.
Spencer had two stick-on mustaches.  One for before pictures and one for after.

He was having some sort of eye crisis here.  He claims I poked him in the eye when I tried to fix his hair, but I deny that claim.

Thursday was character and hero day.  No face painting or masks were allowed.
He was more excited about going dressed up as Spiderman than these pictures would lead you to believe.

Today, Friday, was Rodeo day.  The kindergarteners had already planned their rodeo for today as the end of their desert unit, so the rest of the school had to dress up for rodeo because of them.  
I had volunteered to assist with the rodeo.  It lasted from 8:30 to 11:15.  I also decided to throw caution to the wind and get dressed up as well.

There were parent volunteers at each activity helping the kids.  My job was to lead my group (half of Spencer's class) from station to station.  It was fun because then I got to see and do everything.  I wasn't stuck doing the same thing all morning.
The first stop was the Bean Bag Toss.
They had to throw the bean bags through holes in painted wooden shapes.  I just failed to get a picture of any of the shapes.

Pony Roping

They had to throw a hoola hup over a wooden horse.
Spencer was the first one in his group to actually do it.
Then he did it two times in a row!

Country Musical Chairs

It was down to these two.
Spencer was the last man sitting!
Spencer's teacher took this of the two of us.  I wonder if real cowboys laugh when they see people dressed up like cowboys.
Bucking Broncos Relay
They had to sit and bounce on these large balls around the cones.

They had to get the horseshoe around the post.  I don't think a single kid was successful in our group.

Chuck Wagon Relay
They had to fill the wagon with food boxes, run it back to the next kid, the next kid had to run it back to the barrel and empty it, etc. etc.

Then it was time for a little otter pop snack break.
Target Practice
They used popsicle stick and rubberband slingshots to shoot peanuts at the targets.

Gunny Sack Races
The stood in the sacks and jumped around the cones.

Hen House Relay
The had to pick up a plastic egg with a spoon and race it to an empty basket.

This was our little group.
Barrel Races
The had to run with the stick horse around the barrels in a figure 8 pattern.

Hat Toss
They had to throw the hat onto a peg.

Panning for gold
They had to pan for golden nuggets in buckets of watery sand.

Lasso Practice
They had to not lacerate their friends faces as they practiced their lasso skills.

It was a really fun morning at the rodeo, but I was so glad when it was all over.  Those kids wore me out!
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