Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A total failure in documentation

I broke my New Years resolution with this shirt purchase.  It's a pajama shirt, but technically it's a shirt and I bought it to wear it as a shirt, so......Fail.  

I wore it for the first time on Monday the 2nd.
Megan came to visit from California.  She got here Monday evening and we went out to dinner and then went shopping and then hung out chatting for a few hours before bed.  I took ZERO pictures.  Not one. 

On Tuesday the 3rd I wore the shoes I had bought on our shopping trip.  Megan bought the same pair. There is a strap that goes around the back.

Michael and I video chatted at work on Tuesday.  I did this cute little bear face and he did a horrifying skeleton. 

Then we both switched to wizard at the same time.  It must be true love. 
I have a really difficult student on Tuesday afternoons.  He was actually agreeable to work that day and he was so, so, so excited about where this ant landed.  He asked me to take a picture. 

Wore the shoes again on Wednesday the 4th.  They are really comfortable. 
I went grocery shopping that evening after work and I bought this 70% off bunny.  Michael was thrilled. 

Ginger being typical Ginger that night. 

More video chatting on Thursday the 5th.

And Ginger that night. 

On Friday morning I took Ginger with me to get the car washed.  She was not amused 

I did an entire photo shoot with the prickly pear and ocotillo in our front yard.  Technically they are both on our neighbor's side, but it's the part of our yard that is shared. 

Everything is blooming so beautifully right now. 

I had done my nails on Thursday evening, so I need to document it on Friday. 

Spencer had a consult with a new dermatologist that afternoon.  It went really well.

The dermatologist agreed to start photo light therapy. Spencer did his first session that day.  He's already had two more. 

When we got home we did Spencer's 10 year 7 month picture. 

Now here comes the biggest failure on my part.  Even bigger than the Megan photo failure from Monday.  

My friend Marva was in town from Texas.  She came and picked me up to go to dinner.  She came inside for about ten minutes before we left.  No pictures.  We were at dinner for two hours.  No pictures.  We went back to her hotel room and sat on the couch in the living room drinking wine until TWO IN THE MORNING.  No pictures.  I ubered home at 2 am with a weird-o driver.  No pictures. 

I woke up, slightly hung-over and not feeling great, at 6:55 am on Saturday the 7th.  I got up and started cooking and cleaning.  At 9:30 am my mom got there from Tucson and my cousin Taylor and Aunt Janis came over.  We brunched until noon.  No pictures. Then I drove to Mesa and went out to lunch with Lauren.  Guess what.  No pictures.  We went to see Mary Poppins at Red Mountain High School.  NO PICTURES. 

I drove home at about 5 pm and immediately went to bed where I slept until about 6:30.  Then I got up, made dinner, ate dinner, got the kids into bed and then went back to bed.  No pictures.

Except this.  This is the only picture I took on Saturday. 

Big ol' fail of blogging. 

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