Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bearizona in snow

On Saturday the 5th my brothers went skiing and the rest of us headed out to Bearizona.  Spencer, Elliott and I have been twice before, but never in the snow.  It was a first visit for Michael, my mom and dad, and Bella. 

We crammed into one car once we got there so we could go through the drive-thru part together. 

This post will never be finished if I label all of these animals, so just scroll. 

This was the drive-thru part.  I was driving and taking the photos.  All photos were taken from a stopped car. 

This is the walk-thru part. 

Oh my god, my HEART!

We were at the snack bar when we ran into my friend Teresa (far left with the bluish hat) and her entire family.  

Look at this epic photo. 


After we ran into them we took the tram ride around the park. 

Look at this amazing shot I got!  Arctic wolf, I think. 

Bella on the way home! 

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