Friday, June 16, 2017

The last full day in Mexico

Thursday, June 1st was our last full day in Mexico.  It was also the day we realized we bought way too much food and we needed to eat it or figure out how to bring it back.  We all put together interesting breakfasts.

This makes it look like Oriana had a bottle of wine for breakfast.  I promise she didn't. 

I may have been eating beef tamales for breakfast.  And I may have photobombed the photobombing kids. 

Blaine was really angry about making breakfast?  Or he was just posing?  I'll never tell.
After breakfast we headed to the beach. 

 Keep this first picture at the beach in mind when you reach the bottom of the beach pictures. 

Mid morning is low, low, LOOOOOOOW tide.  We set up on the far side of the beach (so we wouldn't have to move as the tide came in) so we had a five day journey to walk whenever we wanted to go in the water. 

There ended up being a lake we had to walk across to get to the ocean. 

Come on Elliott!  You can make it!

Last picture of the beach day.  The waves did a number on my hair.  It also looks red.  I promise I did not dye it. 
We returned to the house for showers and a late lunch. Then we were very, very brave and headed to the Mexican gas station to fill up the cars.  We let Michael and Blaine be in charge. 
With the cars successfully filled, we headed to the marketplace.  This was in a parking lot, but the backdrop was pretty nice. 

Joni bargained for some deals at the pharmacy. 

I got a great sunhat. 
And Carson got a Mexican coke.  We also got offered a lot of cocaine.  Because we look like people who do a lot of cocaine?
After a few hours in the marketplace we were headed back to the cars when we decided to get one more pina colada for the ladies. 

Boozy for me and Maryellen.  Not boozy for Joni. 

The kids wanted to photobomb. 
The kids wanted something to drink too, but there were no more pineapples, so we got a coconut cooler for them to share. 

Oriana got her own cup and the boys shared the coconut.  

Just as we were getting ready to leave the drink stand a little kid ran up to our kids and handed them all balloon animals.  Then the kid's dad showed up expecting to be paid because our kids (who had no clue what was going on) took the balloons.  The men were all pretty pissed about it. 

We look like a happy family. And just so you know, Blaine told Carson to hold his balloon like that.

Back at home John and Maryellen were in charge of dinner. 
Backstory time: When I was a kid we would go to Rocky Point and stay in a house in the same neighborhood we were in on this trip.  One time my grandparents came with us and my grandfather bought me a purple Mexican dress from a vendor on the beach. I was telling Joni and Maryellen about that and how much I loved that dress.  I was probably five or six when he bought it and I cried when I outgrew it.  

My friends, my lovely, lovely friends bought me a new purple Mexican dress at the marketplace.  They hid it from me and then presented it as a gift before we left. 


shoulders up

shoulders down

Oriana also got a new dress, so we had to model together. 

And the back of my hat, since so much modeling was going on. 
After dinner that night I walked around and took pictures of the whole house, because I had failed to do so for four days. 

The upstairs living room. 

Dining room (upstairs)

Another view of the upstairs living room. 

The kitchen

The doorway into the master bedroom, which was John and Maryellen's room. 

The supply closet was on the right in this entryway. 

The master

Master bath

Stairs off of the living room.  To the right was a little upstairs patio/deck. 

Upstairs half bathroom.

Looking back upstairs from the stairwell. 

Looking downstairs. 

Garage on the left, laundry room on the right. 

Garage on the right. 

Laundry room. 

The room Michael and I shared. 

Downstairs living room

The kids room 

Another view of the downstairs living room.  Our room is on the right, the front door in the middle, Joni and Blaine's room on the left. 

Inside of front door
Another view of the downstairs living room.  The door on the right goes to the backyard, the door on the left is the kid's room. 

Inside our shower. 

Our bathroom

Joni and Blaine's room

Their bathroom

And that is IT!  What was that, 900,000 pictures in this post? 

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Your friends were so sweet to do that!
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