Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A festive St.Patrick's Day

We had a very festive St. Patrick's Day at my mom and dad's house in Tucson.  

My mom's cousin John, and his wife, Patsy, spent the night at my parent's house on the 16th, but they left before the actual party started. 

We still had to get some festive pictures.

Later that afternoon everyone came over for lots of food and lots of green. 

Shockingly, this hat and beard combo was provided by none other than my DAD.

Raquel made green eggs and ham. 

My dad had bought my uncle a shirt while they were in New Mexico and it was unveiled at the party. 

The tablescape 

After we ate we took pictures of the whole group because we were all so proud of our accessories. 

It was a very fun day. 

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