Tuesday, April 9, 2019


My manicure on March 8th.  I have no idea when I actually did it or took it off.  I just know that I took this picture on the 8th.

On March 11th the kids and I were on Spring Break.  We went to Target that morning and I bought these in the Dollar Spot for a get-together at Joni's house later in the week. 
On Tuesday the 12th the kids went to Tucson and on Wednesday the 13th my parents took them on a road trip to New Mexico.  They were gone from Wednesday to Saturday, but these are the only pictures I have. 

At White Sands. 

At the Space Museum.  

In the meantime, Michael and I were chilling at home for a few days without kids. 

On March 15th I got the Knott's Berry Farm book I ordered from Shutterfly. 
That night I painted my toenails and we watched Bohemian Rhapsody, as are summed up here in one picture. 
On Saturday the 16th the Sisterhood had our monthly get-together at Joni's.  We ate tacos and guacamole and made taco and avocado pillows. 

My pillow, which I named Allen. 

All of our finished pillows. 
After Joni's house Michael and I drove to Tucson to reunite with our kids. 

Elliott was wearing his St. Patrick's Day shirt on the 16th, so we just went with it for his monthly picture. 

7 years 3 months


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