Monday, April 15, 2019

Hello April

It feels so good to not be over a month behind on this ol' blog!  As much as is possible I'm going to use Monday mornings as my regular blogging time so I don't get so terribly overwhelmed again. 

On Monday, April 1st I did a lot of organizing and tidying around the house.  I found this tag that Spencer made me for mother's day last year.  If we're being totally honest, I don't ever remember seeing it.  I love it.  I think I look very sleek as a dolphin.  I'll have to check the mother's day post for last year to see if I blogged about this already.

This was just the beginning of what I cleaned out of my closet. The pile actually grew after this. 

Michael moving it to the guest room. 

I bought new sunglasses on the 2nd. 

I definitely needed them.  I definitely do not have enough sunglasses. 
I had taken a continuing education class the previous Saturday and I had done all of this math to figure out where I am in the cycle of my license and two certifications.  My Department of Education certificate is due this year, but I am pleased to announce I only need 1.5 more hours of continuing ed to submit it.  I'm going to get 2 hours next week!
Yoga toes while we watched This is Us on Wednesday the 3rd.  I've been trying to do my yoga toes as much as possible.  They really do help with alignment and in preventing toe/foot cramps. 

Spring/Easter cookie baking on Thursday the 4th.  I sent an arrangement with Michael to work. 

And finally, Spencer's 11 year 7 month photo shoot on the 6th.  I'm not sure why the first one came out so blurry.  Michael took them, so we'll just blame him. 


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