Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Candles and other nonsense

For years and years I used to get an email from Bath and Body Works every single day.  They were always about whatever the deal of the day was going to be.  Then one day I just randomly stopped getting those emails.  I have no idea why, but I hadn't received one since summer time. 

Until last weekend!

On Saturday the 3rd I got an email about single wick candles being on sale for one day only the next day. 

We hopped on over to the mall on Sunday the 4th with the goal of buying five candles. 

Then this happened,  

and this, 

and this.  

I spent the rest of the day decorating for Thanksgiving. 

Oh, and then that night I went out to dinner and to see Kathy Griffin with my friend Annette. 

We were four rows back.  

On Monday the 5th Elliott and I decorated his turkey for school. 

It reminded me a lot of his turkey feather for his second year of preschool. 
Spencer was 11 years 2 months old on Tuesday the 6th.  He was already in his jammies when we remembered to take his picture. 

After the kids were in bed I took a picture of the manicure I had done for Kathy Griffin.  I was not a huge fan.  It was sloppy work because I didn't leave enough time for quality work.
I had a unexpected day off from work on Wednesday the 7th because I had a jury duty summons that got canceled.  

Michael and I went out for a breakfast date with delightful cappuccinos. 
We went to Costco that night to buy a new Christmas tree.  Elliott saw these huge wine glasses and ran over to them for a picture.  He said, "Mom.  You need one of these in your life!" 
On Thursday the 8th I had to test all of the markers at work.  Every time I do this it makes me question if my 84 credits master's degree was worth it.  Ha!

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