Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Spooky House: 2018

A Spooky House: The 2018 Edition

Every single year when I start decorating for any holiday I pull up the blog post about the decorations for that holiday from the previous year.  These posts are probably the most useful ones I do for myself, therefore I cannot stop and we'll start the discussion, NOW.

I took these night pictures on Halloween night. 

The purple lights are actually spiders, it's just hard to tell because they are high up and small. 

I took all of the day pictures on November 3rd, so the couple of things I bought on the 1st made it into the pictures. 

All of the outside stuff

And now we'll move inside. 

It's so hard to photograph a mirror!

The jack-o-lantern shelf really came together this year.  I'd dare say it's actually complete. 

The entry way table might be perfect this year too.  Guess what though!  This is huge news.  I bought a new table that should be delivered any day.  It'll be totally different next year. 

Dining room

The dining room is always my favorite room, but especially at Halloween time. 

The spooky villages looked great this year. 

And so did the huge web on the painting.  It was year #1 for this beauty. 

Looking into the dining room from the other direction. 
Hallway closet.  
The jangly door holder was bought at Party City for 50 cents after Halloween. 

We took down the "regular" pillows to put up the Halloween pillows and now we can't find them.  Any ideas?

Pantry door

Above the window above the kitchen sink. 

The mantel was looking great this year. 

The skull/skeleton display was totally new.  It was a success. 
The piano decor was not new, but it was new to display everything on it because we didn't have it last year. 

And finally, the Halloween shower curtain was the best idea of all time. 

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