Sunday, February 20, 2011

Falling Apart

Michael and I have been married for 9 years, 1 month and 22 days.  Up until now everything has been going great.  In the last month, though, things have started falling apart.  No, not our marriage.....our wedding presents.  Things are literally falling apart and breaking.

It's actually amazing that we haven't had much of anything break before this point, considering we got married in Tucson and had to take all of our stuff to Tempe, then moved to Colorado, moved back from Colorado into an apartment, then moved twice more into two different houses.  Plus we live with a 3 year old (who used to be 2 and 1).  In all those moves the only thing that broke was a champagne flute (and it didn't shatter- the top separated from the bottom and my dad glued them back together.)  I do have mad packing skills though.  In all of our day to day life I think we've broken 1 wine glass, 1 bowl and 1 water glass.  Oh, and the glass lid of a skillet.  That was a bad day.  Then I cut the hell out of my foot on a shard of that glass.

These are the recent victims:

#1.  This glass pitcher
Cracked- see it down by the handle?
#2.  This glass pitcher
Cracked- all the way down and across the bottom
#3. My whisk- the top part just fell out of the handle.  Michael shoved it back in and then it fell apart again.

Truth be told it was really my fault that the pitchers cracked.  I made iced coffee for Joni's shower and I was rushing too much and poured too hot coffee in them.  Had I let the coffee cool just a wee bit more they wouldn't have cracked.  I take no blame for the whisk unless you want to blame excessive whisking over the last 9 years.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to buy new stuff.  Poor me.  You know how much I hate buying dishes of any sort.  It's not like I've looked longingly at glass pitchers over the last 7ish years and wished I could buy them but didn't because I already had 2 perfectly fine glass pitchers.

Oh darn.  Guess I'll head to Pier 1.

P.S. Though technially not broken, our coffee maker has seen better days.  It was a wedding shower gift, so it's older than the other stuff by 2 months.  Guess I will also be burdened with a trip to Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Maryellen said...

Your post scared me at first. I'm happy to know it's just your stuff that's falling apart. :)

Chelsea said...

Shopping... such a chore. How ever will you manage?

Chelsea's Mom said...

I suggest you renew your vows and get more presents!!! I've missed commenting on your blog a couple of times lately so thought I'd add my 2 cents worth;)Fun seeing you guys today!

Cat said...

Oh, no, a trip to Target, you poor thing. I know how much you "hate" Target.

Karen said...

Well I think that almost 10 years is a good life for household items. I am so happy that you get to go buy new ones now! We also just bought a new coffee maker after ours from our wedding (though only almost 8 years old) just died.

On another note, I notice the blogs aren't updating correctly again. Stupid technology.

Krista said...

My wedding gifts aren't falling apart yet, but lately I have been looking at them wishing that I would have made some different choices - like white dinnerware instead of black and stainless rather than non-stick. It's probably more that I know I won't have the money to replace them myself any time soon.....especially since nothing is wrong with them! Wouldn't it be nice if we could re-register for gifts for our 10 year anniversaries?