Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday night rambling

Michael and I like to tag team the kids at bedtime.  I'm responsible for Elliott because I have boobs and he needs those to go to sleep.  He takes Spencer.

We got them down really quickly tonight. 

After I cuddled with Spencer (he insists we do this every night) I walked in to the family room/kitchen area and did a quick survey of the play area to see how much I needed to pick up.  I scanned once and then did a double take.

Do you see what I saw?

Floating head Ginger

It reminded me of ET in all the stuffed animals.

Speaking of ET, I don't ever want kids to make fun of Elliott by saying his name in the ET voice.  Do you think kids these days even know about ET?

That's pretty much all I have tonight.  I've run out of steam this week.

I will give you the link to an article on about some friends who have re-created the same photo every 5 years for 30 years.  These guys are my heroes.  I can't wait for CNN to write an article about me in 30 years about my kids having their picture taken every December 20th with the same stuffed animals and every 4th of July in a flag suit.

Check it out HERE 


Valerie said...

I love the Where's Ginger photo. I feel like she's kind of a mini celebrity on this blog. Can we get some action shots of her??? Or does that even exist?

Awww, would it be bad if they said his name like that? I LOVED that movie as a kid. I can't watch it now because it makes me cry.

Jeannette said...

Um, I'm totally disappointed that they did not have the foresight to use the same jar and hat from year to year. This is a mistake that you (and I) would never make. :)

Can't wait to see in a non-stalker-actually-invited-to-be-there sort of way tomorrow! :)

Sherry said...

You are so funny...I am so glad I found you so that you could make me laugh every day! :-) But seriously, I thought I was playing "Where's Waldo?" for a second...I found him, I found him! Haha! And if I have anything to do with it, all kids everywhere will learn to say "Ell-eee-ut!" (Yes, that's my attempt at doing the ET phonetic spelling...haha!) I am also super impressed that you found that picture of ET in the stuffed animals...oh the joys of google, huh? :-)

Cat said...

I look forward to seeing you on CNN one day. Three of my friends and I try to do a picture at Christmas time every year in front of a Christmas tree. We weren't able to do it this year, but if we only have to do it every 5 years we're in good shape hee hee.