Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Elliott has really been packing on the pounds lately.   He was feeling a little flabby today.  He decided it was time to do something about it.  No more complaining.  It was time for action.

He decided to pump a little iron.






Man.  This is hard work.  I could really use a spotter.

Thanks Elmo.  I was about ready to call it a day.  Now I can do a few more sets.

You, with your chocolate pudding face, are not helping at all.

Oh yeah!

Do it!

Feel the burn!

After a good weight lifting session he decided to add in a little cardio.

He did some supermans,

and some butt lifts,

and downward facing dog,

and mountain climbers.

And then he was spent.

Good work-out baby.

Even Ginger was motivated to actually lift her head off the ground.  Tomorrow her goal is to work on staying conscious for a whole 5 minutes (consecutive minutes).


Valerie said...

He he he. You're such a funny lady. Poor Ginger. I think she's really misunderstood. Or she's like my dogs and actually being productive isn't in their agenda.

Go Elliott, go Elliott go!!! Being a baby is really hard work.

Maryellen said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for the morning giggle!!!!

Elisa said...

Soooo darn cute! Great post.

Cat said...

Good grief, lately, your son is better about weights than I am (I'm so bad at weights, but I do well with my cardio).

Sherry said...

You are too funny! I love it!

Oh, and you can chalk the dressing your kids up for their portraits as another win for the similar column. Have you started that excel spreadsheet yet? Haha! But really, it used to kind of irritate me when the other kids at his daycare would show up on picture day in their old stained and ratty t-shirts. I love a good preppy boy outfit (sweater vests and button up shirts, etc.)! :-)