Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Early Morning Post

Somebody decided to wake up at 5 am this morning and after nursing, unlike he is required by contract to do, decided to not go back to sleep.  I'm marking this down and will remember to wake him up at 5 am when he's about 14.

I am not a morning person.  We are not a morning family.  We can barely, even with 3 days worth of planning, make it out of the house prior to 10 am.  It's going to take a years worth of planning and prepping and changing sleep cycles to get Spencer ready for getting up early enough for kindergarten next year.

So yeah, not happy about this picture being taken during the 6:00 am hour today:
Or this one: 
He's cute, that's for sure.  But I prefer my cute after 8 am.

Michael, who, THANK GOD, is off today and Elliott are currently doing gymnastic floor routines in the family room.  Our plan is to wear Elliott out and at 7:30 we will swaddle him up, I'll nurse and we can hopefully go back to sleep for an hour before Spencer gets up.

Ginger woke up when Elliott did, but with no parental responsibility found a new bed and was awake for 72 seconds (estimate) before falling back into a deep slumber.  I'd like to join her soon.

I thought I'd take this early morning opportunity to blog about some randoms.

Random 1

We put Elliott in the stroller like a big boy on Saturday.  His first time.  We went to the mall.  He did so good.
Megan, Scott and Hadley happened to be going to the mall at the same time.  We met up at Gymboree for some awesome deals in their back to school sale.  Elliott gave us his million dollar smile while Spencer demonstrated to Hadley just how flexible he is.
I got some awesome deals.  I got all these clothes for Elliott for about $15.  The brown pants were $1.49. I hope they fit this winter.

Spencer got his first day of school outfit

Random 2

We took Elliott to Costco for the first time on Sunday. He went in the baby belle carrier.  No pictures.  Sorry.

Spencer got a new pair of pajamas.  They came with shorts and pants.  Spencer found a creative way to wear both at the same time.

Random 3

My aunt bought Elliott a Kidsme Food Feeder.  I put some banana in there yesterday.  He was able to feed himself while I unloaded the dishwasher.  It was awesome.

Random 4

Spencer begged to help with Elliott's bath the other day.  How could we say no?

All right.  The plan worked.  Elliott is cranky, yawning and rubbing his eyes.  Sleep, here we come.
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Valerie said...

I can't believe Elliott didn't get the memo?!?!? Ha ha, seriously, I've said it 1000 times but I'll say it again...your Ginger commentary makes me lough out loud. I just love that dog!

Megan said...

Best of luck! I was also up at 5am but got paid to listen to 1.5 hours of a new book and drive to Tucson. I am only willing to be up at 5am when paid.

Jeannette said...

I truly hope this was a fluke and that Elliott has learned his lesson. Ellie, however, has found that she really enjoys waking during the 5 o'clock hour on a regular basis. I have a strict not until 6am rule that I enforce by pretending to sleep on her twin bed while she crawls all over me saying "hi! hi! hi!" in my face. It's super fun and I too look forward to reversing roles in 12 years.
Great deals on the adorable clothes! Also, Spencer's flexibility really is impressive.
I'm glad Elliott loves his self-feeder. We had one that Ellie wanted nothing to do with.
Kids. What are ya gonna do?

Cat said...

It's posts like these that make me in no rush to have children. I too am NOT a morning person. It's a struggle to get up at 6:30am for work. I am not yet ready for 5am on a regular basis. Perhaps, if I ever have a child, you can teach him/her to sleep late since Elliot usually does this. :)

Sherry said...

Ha! I am feeling you on the getting up too early. I wait until the last possible moment to get up to get ready for work, and this morning my sweet Brody woke up fussing to get out of his crib. Daddy got up and went and got him and brought him to our bed, but he was not to be consoled that easily. Daddy did go and get him a bottle. Then, the crying woke his big brother up who then preceded to demand his breakfast. We, of course, being the loving parents that we are told him to go back to bed! Haha! That Elliott does have a million dollar smile. I love those clothes...Gymboree right? And that big boy helping bathe baby brother...priceless and precious! But seriously, what are we going to do when we have to drag ourselves and those boys out of bed for kindergarten? That is just a month a way for us, and Evan's school starts at 7:45! Yikes!

Megan said...

What about those of us with no children who get up at 5am on a daily basis? My fear is that our kids will be late sleepers & cramp our early AM routine!