Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Family portrait session

I have wanted to take family pictures with Ginger since our family was completed after Elliott was born.  The idea of family pictures with a kid, a baby and a dog, however, was disgusting, so it's been put off for almost six years (because a kid, a toddler and a dog wasn't any better).

But finally, we did it.  I don't love the whole family pictures we got but there are enough good pictures that I feel it was worth all the effort. 

This will be printed in a large size and displayed somewhere.  It was the only great (and by great I mean pretty good/not awful) whole family shot.  

This is pretty spectacular. 

Same as above, just cropped. 

Can I get a poster of this? 

I think our photographer was not great because she said she had to chop Ginger's legs off because Michael was too tall.  Well, that sounds weird and like something that could be fixed. 

Then we get to the next four shots and everything is worth it.  

We got a gift certificate for $50 for doing these pictures so I'm already throwing around the idea of trying again in the spring.  We're definitely doing family pictures in the spring, I'm just not sure if Ginger will come along or not. 

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