Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A really (not) spectacular end to fall break

Let's see.  The last time I blogged I ended at Thursday, October 12. 

The kids and I stayed home most of the day on Friday the 13th.  It was just too risky to venture out with the voodoo and black cats and all.  Spencer did have a PT appointment that afternoon.  I tried to take some stealth pictures. 

That evening I gave Elliott a mani-pedi. 
And then we let him go to sleep in our bed because Spencer had a friend over and they were being too loud for Elliott.  We moved him to his bed when we went to bed. 
I had a lot of work to do on Saturday the 14th.  Progress reports and SOAP notes for my clinical supervisor job, evaluation reports and IEPs for my school job.  I vowed to get them all done that day.  I did not. 

I did get a lovely picture of the display I created on top of the wine refrigerator.  The pumpkins are real. 

Ginger, looking to be fed. 

Spencer's ankle 11 days post sprain. 
On Sunday Spencer went to a birthday part and Elliott ate dinner early, so Michael and I ate on TV trays so we could watch TV during dinner.  It was just like the early days of our marriage, except we used to eat on the couch but with no TV trays. 
We had T-bone steaks for dinner.  I gave Ginger one of the bones.  It kept her occupied for hours and then we had to hide it from her and she was pissed. 

The whole TV tray thing reminded me of sitting on the couch in our first apartment.  This was our TV.  This picture was taken the summer or 2002 right before we started packing to move to Colorado. The only things in this picture we don't still have are the wreath on the wall (the pictures on the wall are in my office) and the TV. 

See?  Same entertainment center.  Different TV. 
Spencer had his 10 year check-up on Monday the 16th.  His 9 year check up had been on October 13th, 2016.  When I took him in for the sprained ankle it was October 10th and our pediatrician pointed out that we almost made it a year with no visit.  Just six more days and we would have made it.  So now my goal is to have no pediatrician visits for him until after October 16th next year.  By going public I am almost guaranteeing we'll have about nine visits this year. 

That afternoon we tested Elliott's 5 year 10 month pictures outside.  The lighting wasn't working for me though. 

So we settled on a fun photo shoot in front of the new spider curtain.  Well, with a few test shots "behind" too. 

I think this might be the official shot. 

But maybe this one too. 
The very last hurrah before I went back to work the next day was that Spencer and I went to the movies to see The Addams Family on Monday night.  The tickets were affordable but we spent way too much money on food at the dine in theater.  It was fun though. 

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