Friday, January 18, 2013

Brother Comparison

When people comment about how Spencer and Elliott look as brothers about 50% of them say that they look alike and 50% of them say they look nothing alike.
I don't actually think that Spencer at age 5 looks a lot like Elliott at age 13 months.  Maybe it's Spencer's full grown, black mustache.  Maybe it's just that it is hard to compare a baby with a kid who is 4 years older.  They definitely look like brothers.  They for sure have the same parents.  I just don't think that Elliott looks like a mini-me of Spencer.
I do, however, think that Spencer at the same age as Elliott (and vice versa) look a lot a like.
You be the judge.
Spencer, 14 months, and Elliott, 13 months, wearing the same jammies while making a silly face.
Spencer, 14.5 months and Elliott, 12.5 months, with blueberries on their faces. 
Spencer, 15 months, and Elliott, 13 months, in deep, blissful sleep. 
Spencer, 15 months, and Elliott, 13 months, again in deep, blissful sleep although Spencer was on a different day than the picture above and Elliott was 1.6 seconds later than the picture above.
Totally unrelated, here's a piece of trivia for you.  Today was my due date last year.  Elliott should be turning 1 and not 13 months.
I find this blog post about all of my possible "when will he be born" scenarios to be hilarious and also kind of sad in the context of what happened with my premature labor, hospitalization and Elliott's early health problems.   
Check it out HERE.


k and j said...

They look a lot alike, wow! My boys are insanely different. It's so weird!

Sherry Reese said...

Haha! Is this post in response to my comment? Yes, when I posted that I thought they were looking more alike I was kind of comparing Elliott to the younger pictures of Spencer on the sidebar. Ha! Yes, I do think they definitely look like brothers (more than Evan and Brody do although in some pictures they may occasionally look alike). They definitely have similar eyes! :-)

Megan said...

I think Spencer and Elliott look alike (very clearly brothers even with 4 yrs different). I also think they very clearly look like themselves. I would be able to tell who was who no problem with unlabeled pictures. Spencer was so 100% your side and Elliott already looks more like Michael then Spencer did when he was little. People say weird things when it comes to kids looking about all the times I have been asked if Spencer and Hadley are you dork they aren't even related and they are 2 years different in age!

Megan said...

I'm glad you clarified that they come from the same parents!

Cat said...

I think they definitely look alike in many of those pictures.

Cat said...

P.S. Just went back and read the old blog post, and I noticed for once I was ON TIME commenting on that one. :)