Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Christmas Summary in January

I debated not going back and doing this post at all.  It is almost mid-January afterall. But the blog is how I remember what happened in our lives, so I must force myself to power through.  I was going to get an early start tonight and then Elliott flipped out for still unknown reasons and didn't go to sleep until after midnight.  I was ready to just get in the car and drive off a cliff, but, alas, no cliffs can be found nearby.
Moving on.  Our Christmas this year was really small and, truthfully, kind of sad.  Neither of my brothers were there.  Neither of my cousins on my dad's side came home.  My aunt had the flu so she didn't come.  My grandma is dead so she obviously wasn't there (or was she? she was probably haunting us).  I was glad to not be stuck at home with an unexpected premature baby like last year, but things could have been more lively.   
So.  Christmas Eve.
Ginger took a nice nap during the day. 
I like how the only part of her body that is actually on the dog bed so lovingly provided for her is one foot.
My dad and Michael were bums.  Michael had really flat hair too. 
My mom and I cooked and set the table. 
Elliott had a cold that entire week and then he got his 1 year shots, so he was pretty grumpy. 
We did manage to make it to church though. 
Elliott got changed into pajamas early on in the evening. 
We opened presents. 
Spencer left carrots and water for the reindeer,
and cookies and milk for Santa.
Christmas Day
We woke up to find that Winston had wrapped all the presents from Santa.
Spencer snuck out of bed early to check out the scene.

Spencer got a lot of stuff for his new outer space bedroom that has still not been put together (because we need to paint his room first).
Elliott got a lot of stuff for his dinosaur bedroom that will not even be begun until (probably) mid 2014.
Santa got the kids a swing set, but we had to pick it up from the North Pole store, so he just left a picture.
Elliott had enough presents and just wanted cheerios. 
 Ginger took another nap (shocker!) under some wrapping paper.

 Then Elliott decided to help with the chores.

After naps for everyone (except Spencer who watched cartoons) we attempted a family Christmas Day picture, 
and headed to Michael's parents' house for dinner.  It is very convenient that our parents live 6 miles apart.

Ginger found a soft spot for another nap.
And we opened more presents.

Michael's Uncle Gary and Aunt Linda got the boys U of A sweatshirts.
The night ended with Elliott falling asleep within about 3.7 seconds (unlike tonight) and the boys watching basketball on TV. 

OK.  That wasn't too painful.  Blogger was awful tonight with uploading pictures, but that was the worst part.  And hey, I got the Christmas post done an entire two days before I go back to work! 

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Sherry said...

Well, it looks like the good thing about the kids being the only kids this Christmas is that they both got spoiled by all the grown ups! Hehe! It looks like it was a great family Christmas. Very convenient that your parents are so close. I love that Spencer is getting a space theme room...that's what Evan has now although he already wants to change to a dinosaur theme. Ha! But I am thinking of something a little more neutral to last longer...maybe just some new dinosaur sheets. :-)