Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just some classic pictures of a baby eating spaghetti for the first time

I didn't intend for Saturday night's dinner to be Elliott's first spaghetti experience.  If you look closely at his tray you will see that he actually has rotini that I made specifically for him.  He wanted nothing to do with it though.  He wanted to eat what the rest of the family was eating.  After he enthusiastically scarfed down his meatballs Michael gave him a scoop of spaghetti.
He was fascinated. 



Spencer heard we were having spaghetti and he promptly took his shirt off.  Smart move, kid.

He didn't get quite as messy as Elliott, but he wasn't exactly clean when dinner was over. 
Elliott started saying "done" this weekend.  And he means it.  When he says done he is DONE.  It's adorable and a foreshadowing of the independence brewing inside of him.


Sherry Reese said...

Oh, those boys! I love messy spaghetti faces. I have pictures of Evan with messy spaghetti all over his face (and he often would go shirtless when eating it). We would just take him straight to the tub afterwards. He actually ate a lot of pasta because it was one of the meals he ate best and was a good choice to help fatten his scrawny self up. Surprisingly, now he fusses when we have spaghetti and doesn't want meat or meatballs in his. He is often ridiculous like this! Brody is actually a neater eater than Evan was and has actually already learned to use a napkin to wipe his own hands and face. He "insists" on having one. This may be something he's learned at school. Spencer, how did you get that noodle stuck to your face? That is not your mouth. Ha!

Cat said...

Adorable, I mean it's a mess, but it's still adorable. :)

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