Thursday, January 10, 2013

After holiday tid-bits

I went back to work today.  I realize that the holidays are long over, but I was still in winter break mode until yesterday.  This is my final post about the holidays.  I promise.  After this we will go forth into 2013.  Onward!
On December 27th Elliott and I got out of bed around 9:00.  I finally went in and woke Spencer up at 11:00. 
He partied pretty hard in Tucson.
On December 28th we took a few more Christmas pictures in front of the tree.  Mostly because I just love these jammies and I am sad that Elliott won't fit in his next year.

That night we ate the cake pops that Megan had given us.  Can you believe these things?

On December 30th Elliott looked cute at Target.
And he found his nostril.
I did some last minute Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers on the 23rd.  On a total whim I grabbed a Thomas umbrella for Spencer.  It was like $8.  It is probably his favorite gift from this year.  He talks about it all the time.  He was begging for rain from the moment he saw it.  Luckily it only took 5 days and we got a huge storm on the 30th.  In 2006 we went 143 consecutive days without rain, so waiting only 5 days was really quite remarkable.

Ginger was scared of the rain.

On New Years Eve we continued our Dec. 31st tradition and went out for BBQ.  Elliott started saying no-no during dinner and he now repeats it about 867 times a day.

I already talked about New Years Day in my previous post.
On December 5th, Elliott ate blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  He very much enjoyed them. 

Holiday wrap-up is done!  Hooray!


Megan said...

I love the picture of Spencer & Michael!

Cat said...

As always, love the pics. :-) And if it makes you feel any better, I was still blogging about Christmas in January too.