Friday, June 12, 2009

Natalie's ABC's

A Age: 29 years, 9 months, 7 days

B Bed size: Queen, although when it is being shared with Michael, Spencer and Ginger it feels more like half a twin.

C Chore you hate: Pumping gas.

D Dog's name: Ginger Jones

E Essential item to start your day: Shower. I used to have to watch the morning news but now I just check for 2-3 minutes and feel caught up.

F Favorite color: Purple and black- they're a tie.

G Gold or Silver: Silver

H Height: I say 5' 6", but it's probably more like 5' 5 1/2"

I Instruments you play: I took 8 years of piano lessons but would now be hard pressed to pound out a decent "Chopsticks".

J Job title: Paid Job: Speech Language Pathologist
Unpaid Job: Mommy

K Key to a Happy Life: Marry someone you genuinely like. Looks fade, sex alone can't keep a marriage together and money doesn't buy happiness, but being married to your friend will help get you through a lot of crap.

L Living arrangements: I own my 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and live here with my husband, son and dog.

M Mom's name: Carol

N Nicknames: Nat, Lady Huffington, Bartel, Krone

O Overnight hospital stay: I guess when I was born at age 0, when I got my tonsils/adenoids out at age 24 and when I gave birth to Spencer at age 28 and 1 day. I should have stayed in the hospital overnight when I had my jaw surgery, but somehow it's not protocol to keep a patient overnight that has just had their facial bones broken, separated from their skull, moved and then put back together with titanium plates and screws.

P Pet Peeve: People running stop signs, customer service at Home Depot, weeds, repeating lyrics in songs. My longterm readers may remember I did an entire post about my pet peeves.

Q Quote from a movie: "For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her. Some people do spend their whole lives together. -Anna Scott, Notting Hill
(On a side note, I have NEVER watched that scene without crying. And I mean tears running down my face crying.)

R Right or left handed: Right

S Siblings: Older brother: Nathan
Younger brother: Nick

T Time you wake up: Depending on the day- between 6:00 and 8:30

U Underwear: I'm not sure how to answer this. How about just, yes.

V Vegetable you dislike: Radishes. Yuck!

W Ways/Reasons you run late: When Spencer has a diaper blowout at the last minute or I find him playing with my lipstick without my permission and/or knowledge. Unrelated to Spencer- when I hit snooze too many times and then can't find anything to wear.

X X-rays you've had: broken right arm in 3rd grade, broken left arm in 5th grade, chest x-ray before starting allergy shots, dental x-rays of my teeth as needed, many many many x-rays of my jaw.

Y Yummy food you like to eat: shrimp cocktail, ceasar salad, french onion soup, medium rare steak, creme brulee, red wine. It's my dream meal. I ate it before my jaw surgery.

Z Zoo animals you like: If pigs lived at the zoo I would say pigs. But, I wouldn't accept that answer from a kid during speech therapy ("no, pigs are farm animals) so I'll have to say polar bears or otters. Something that spends a lot of time in water but doesn't necessarily live in the water. That's the life I'd like to live.


Maryellen said...

Me likie the ABC's of Natalie. You're tall!

The Yager Family said...


Sherry said...

This one popped out because I figured this may actually tell the tale of how really similar we really are.

Let's see our differences shall we: you're way taller than me, different fav colors (mine are light blue and pale yellow), I have never played any musical instruments unless you count the little plastic recorder they teach you in elementary school music class, of course jobs, hospital stays/visits (I haven't had any except my birth and my kids' births...just lucky I guess), you have 2 brothers and I only have one (maybe I'm the lucky one here...hehe), I like all your food likes except I don't like my steak too rare (no blood please...hehe), and I'm not that big a fan of pigs (I do like to eat them though since I'm from pork barbecue capitol of the world! Yay for eastern North Carolina barbecue! :-)

More funny similar things: I do like silver better than gold; I agree on philosophy a happy married life; my mom's middle name is Carol; I do love that quote from Notting Hill, but I wouldn't have recalled it if not for your post; right handed but that's a common one; yeah, not that big a fan of radishes either.

So that was entertaining, huh?