Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinner at Nathan and Kendra's

Like I said in yesterday's post, we had dinner at Nathan and Kendra's house on Saturday night.

Michael and Spencer enjoyed a little snuggle time on the backyard glider while we were cooking inside. Nathan made a fantastic salmon and Kendra prepared a yummy pork roast salad.

I took a close-up of Nick and told him I was going to put it on the blog. I can't make empty promises/threats.Spencer had a blast playing peek-a-boo with the laundry room door. He also really enjoyed reading the newspaper with Uncle Nick. They have a special bond with each other. Spencer's middle name is Nicholas afterall. When my mom got there Spencer had to take her into the backyard and show her how to work the glider.

Geech looks possessed in this picture. His eyes are seriously glowing.

Ginger kept a close watch on the grill in case any little morsels were to be accidentally dropped. Later in the evening there was a ridiculous amount of lounging going on.

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Maryellen said...

I think I'm going to start taking tips from Spencer on how to live a fun life. He always looks so interested no matter what he's doing. Example, I've never even thought about playing peek a boo with our laundry door...