Friday, June 8, 2018

Graduation and Awards

After we got the kids to school on Wednesday the 30th Michael and I ran around getting ready for the day.  Then we drove over to school for Elliott's 9:00 am graduation ceremony.

The graduates enter

They sang four songs and then each kid had their name called and got their "diploma".

There are four kindergarten classes but thankfully they split them into two ceremonies. 

We took pictures outside once the ceremony was done.

Elliott and his bestie Blake.  I think they could be brother and sister.  Blake was born on Christmas Day, just nine days after Elliott. 

I forgot to get a picture of just Elliott, but thankfully I was able to edit this one pretty well. 

The proud parents.

And a comparison!  Our graduates- 2014 and 2018. 

After the graduation Michael and Elliott went to breakfast (kindergartners were free to leave school after the ceremony) and I went home to get a million things done around the house. 

Then we headed back to school for Spencer's award ceremony.  He mad the Principal's List for straight A's for the third semester in a row. 

Spencer wanted to stay at school until the end of the day, so we decided to go out for frozen yogurt without him. Mostly it's because the frozen yogurt place is right by Sally's Beauty Supply, and I needed something there. 

Up next: Last day of school t-shirt pictures and Michael's birthday. 

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