Thursday, May 24, 2018

Slowly wrapping up the school year

It definitely feels like the end of the school year.  Everybody is done getting up in the morning, everybody is done with homework and the parents are done with packing lunches. 

Last week was fairly slow as we just try to get through one day after another. 

I took Spencer to get allergy shots on Monday the 14th.  He's been getting allergy shots for five years now.

We have to fill the 30 minute wait time somehow. 

Michael and I had a lovely dinner date that evening.  There was a couple sitting next to us that was obviously on their first date. There were some noticeable differences between our date and theirs. 

Tuesday the 15th was crazy hair day at school. 
I remembered to post Elliott's school picture on Facebook. He had brought them home the previous Friday. 
I remembered to post it because I was reminded in my FB memories that I had posted Spencer's picture on the same date in 2014. 

Spencer was running for student council VP, so we made his posters that night. 

Ginger approved. 

I posted a work selfie to a FB group on Wednesday the 16th. 

And video conferenced with Michael, who was at home. 

I think bird Michael is my favorite.  

It was sports jersey day at the kids' school.  My friend Marva bought this for Spencer, but it's now Elliott's, so I had to show her.  Elliott had just rubbed his eye raw at dinner. 

After dinner we went outside for Elliott's 6 year 5 month pictures. 

The pool in the background wasn't really working, so he turned around on the diving board.  It was much better. 

Probably official. 

The kids went in the pool that night, and also the next night, which is when I took this picture. 

I volunteered in Elliott's class on Friday the 18th.  It was my last Art Masterpiece lesson for them. 

And that's a wrap on last week.  We are getting suspiciously close to June.  How did this happen?  January lasted for 92 days but the rest of this year has flown by. 

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