Monday, May 21, 2018

A Mother of a Day

I am positive that I have used this hilarious title for a Mother's Day post in the past.  I could check and tell you what year it was, but that seems laborious. 

So, Mother's Day 2018.

I slept in until after 9 am.  Even if nothing else nice happened that day, that's gift enough for me. 

This is what I woke up to.  Perfection.
Michael walked Ginger and then went out and got breakfast burritos and coffees while I lounged around in my jammies. 

We ate breakfast and did some more lounging.  Then, around noon, I decided that it might be nice to shower and prep for all the pictures that come with present opening. 



There was a card from Ginger and one from the kids. 

Elliott made this at school. I think it's supposed to be a trivet, but I worry about how heat safe it is. 
Dairy free Halo top for the low carb/dairy free nutritional plan I've been following oh so carefully (lots of sarcasm in that sentence). 

Appointment for family pictures at JC Penney.

Drawings of me by Elliott

Drawing of my by Spencer

Dress that Michael picked out all by himself. 

A car net for my purse and seatbelt covers that I ordered for myself. 
After presents we took Mother's Day pictures.  This year was even easier than last year.  I have hope for the future. 

Ginger was thrilled about all of this.  BTW, I took her in the shower with me that day.  She was still a bit damp here.  Might explain the face. 


After pictures Michael took me and my car to get gas and to get a car wash.   Not pumping gas is my love language. 

We made cookies for an afternoon snack, and there was pizza and a family movie for dinner.  No pictures of that though. 

It was a good, good day. 

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