Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Piano Recital

The kids performed in their first piano recital on Saturday, May 19th.  They did a great job considering they have only been taking lessons since March.  

We took some pictures with our piano before we left for the recital. 

I have video of each of them performing, but each video is too large to post and I'll be completely honest: I'm in no mood to edit each video into two and post four of them. 

I will post pictures though.  That requires no effort. 

Jana (red dress, bottom left) was the music teacher at my very first SLP job back in 2004.  We worked together for three years. These are all of her current piano students, including my kids, Joni's kids, and Shireen's kids.  

There was a pizza party and pool party in the backyard after the recital. 

Then it was back home to relax with Ginger for the rest of the day.  Ginger really knows how to sleep in comfort. 
The next day, Sunday the 20th, we decided to clean up and organize Elliott's room.  We finally convinced him to take down the train table so he could have more floor space in his room. 

This is the before:

I packed up all of the Thomas the Tank Engine trains.
This is the after.  The next fight is that he wants to take down all of the dinosaur stuff and change the theme of his room. 

The bookshelf (it's actually a TV stand) at the end of the bed is new.
Elliott was ready to donate a whole bunch of his toys during this clean-up.  He said he no longer wanted to keep these bowling pins, but little did he know these are not toys and we will never get rid of them.  

These little pins are actually trophies that my grandma got from the bowling league she competed with for 50+ years.  I've got them arranged in the guest room now. 

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