Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend- Parts 2 and 3

I realized that I needed to combine Parts 2 and 3 into one post.  Tomorrow is the 16th, so I will have to post Elliott's TEN MONTH update.  Can you believe it?  We're staring down the big 1 year milestone.   I didn't  think anyone wanted to be reading about my weekend halfway to the next weekend, so here we go.
Elisa and I met on September 6th, 1979.  I was 1 day old.  She was almost 2 months old.  Our moms had been friends before we were born. They are still friends and we've been friends ever since.  We were bridesmaids in each others weddings and she is Spencer's godmother.  I was so glad when I was asked by several of Elisa's other friends to host her shower together.  It was a rubber ducky theme.
There's my chex mix and popcorn.  Not bad for middle of the night cooking.

I bought all the supplies for the food labels.  Michael was kind enough to make them for me.  I was a bit pressed for time.
The co-hostesses with the glowing mom to be in the middle.
Elisa and her mom
Elisa, her mom and her mom-in-law
Lucky baby 
With her mom, sister and grandma
Then her other grandma joined.  I didn't even notice Elisa's eyes were shut.  Sorry, Elisa.  I failed as your photographer.
The whole group.   
This was my gift.
The baby is due on December 9th.  There was no way I could pass up the opportunity to do a Christmas themed gift.  Is it mean of me to hope she delivers late so her baby and Elliott can be birthday twins 1 year apart?

MMMMMM.  Cake.
It was a really fun party. 
My friend (and former stalker) Jeannette enters and wins a lot of contests.  She reminds me of my grandmother in that she also used to enter, and win, a lot of contests.  Jeannette entered a Keurig coffee contest where she was selected to get about 7 million dollars worth of Keurig products in exchange for hosting a coffee party to show off the merchandise.  She needed to take pictures of her guests enjoying the goodies and then send in reviews to Keurig. I was lucky enough to be selected as a guest.
The spread 
My very own (delicious) cappuccino.
Me, Jeannette and Kendra (who had run a 5K right before the party).
I drank a cappuccino and a cup of coffee.  It's more caffeine than I have had in about 2 years.  I was still so tired from the previous day that I managed to take a nap that afternoon though.  Which leads us to:
Poor, poor Ginger.  When we got her she used to have the entire back seat to herself.  Then Spencer was born and she had to share with him in his car seat.  Now with 2 car seats there is no space for her and she gets tossed in the back.  She used to get half the back (when Elliott was a tiny newborn and only needed my boobs and some diapers to travel), but now she just gets a postage stamp size piece of her bed.
This is why we need a 12 passenger van for trips to Tucson.
This is a look of quiet beagle desperation.
Elliott once again did not sleep at all for the entire trip.  He only cried about half of the time though.  It helped that Michael was driving, so I could reach back there and tickle him from time to time.  I was able to get him down for a nap pretty easily when we got home.  Then, instead of putting him in the co-sleeper, I layed down on our bed with him and fell asleep too.  With 2 cups of caffeinated coffee in my system.  I had crazy dreams.  I was straight up exhausted.
He was a much happier camper after a decent nap.

Then he wore Spencer's new Turkey visor.  He's practicing for his first Thanksgiving next month.
Did anyone else gulp and get a little short of breath when I referenced Thanksgiving being next month?
That's it.  That was my weekend.  It was all party all the time (when it wasn't screaming babies in the car and cranky dogs locked in the trunk).


Elisa said...

Thank you Natalie for a beautiful shower!!

Megan said...

haha, those Ginger pictures are hysterical!

Sherry said...

Ginger says it's time to get that minivan, mom! ;-)