Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day!

I was trying to think of a funny joke or prank that I could do on the blog for today. I guess I'm just not in a funny mood or feeling creative enough to pull it off. Instead I'll tell you about the only April Fool's Day prank I have ever done. Consider is a bonus flashback.

These are the facts: I was in 7th grade. 1992 (yikes!). In March my mom and dad had taken me and my brothers to San Diego for spring break. For some reason we took pictures of some houses on Coronado Island.

The prank: On April 1st I told all my friends that we were moving to San Diego and that we had gone to look at houses to buy. I even brought along pictures of the houses on Coronado Island as my "proof".

They all fell for it. I think that I had them believe it for like 2 weeks before I told them the truth. In retrospect it wasn't really funny. It was kind of mean. Do you forgive me Chelsea?

This is me on the last day of 7th grade. I LOVED that outfit. I thought I was some really cool stuff in it. In retrospect I look like an idiot. Big white diamonds? With polka dots?


The Yager Family said...

I do forgive you! Hee hee! I had totally forgotten about that. Maybe you're the reason I've come to hate April fools day...??? ha!

Mare said...

I kind of think April Fool's day is a little mean. I feel bad when people believe me.

I got in trouble back in the day for some of my April Fool's day jokes. One year while I was running the garbage disposal I started screaming and convulsing like my hand was being eaten by the disposal. My parents didn't think that was all.